Poor Man's Cheesecake

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There is a phrase that I picked up from my husband.  "Poor Man's---". And I love using it.

It's a phrase that describes something that's just been simplified to the bare minimum-- as a poor man would have it.

For example:

 Poor Man's Omelets would have only eggs and cheese on it.

Poor Man's burritos would be beans and cheese.

Poor Man's Spaghetti would be only noodles and a tomato sauce.

You get the jest right?

Well for the last couple weeks my kids have been Loving Poor Man's Cheesecake.

You can probably guess the recipe by now.

A yummy, super simple afternoon snack.


annies home said…
love it what a wonderful treat come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com
Unknown said…
I need the poor man's cheesecake recipe

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