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November 26, 2013

Holiday Homemade Craft

I'm over at Persia Lou this morning sharing a Holiday Homemade Craft.

Total cost?  $0.  All things I had on hand already.  I love projects like that.

Go here to read all about it.

November 25, 2013

Don't Eat Peeta-- the printable Game

Have you seen Catching Fire yet?  So good.  We saw it this last weekend on a date night. 
 We really enjoyed it!  
We thought they stayed pretty true to the book and kept it fun and exciting.

Once we got home I was reminded of that game I made last year.

Don't Eat Peeta!
CLICK HERE to print it off and see the post I wrote when Hunger Games came out.

Time to get ready for turkey day.

November 20, 2013

Minted Blog-- Jelup

If you received a really rad Christmas card last year, there's a good possibility it came from Minted.  They really have the freshest, most beautiful card designs.

Some of my favorites:

Card:  This one is so beautiful.  The colors are so lovely.
Blushing Christmas Christmas Photo Cards

Card: This one would work great, since our household had a lot of changes last year.
Family Year in Review Christmas Photo Cards

Card: I love the simple wood look.
New Year's Dream Christmas Photo Cards

While I was looking over their site I noticed a button I never noticed before: They have a blog.

Click on that button and it leads you to their blog julep.

What a really sweet site filled with DIY and Design.  You must go there and explore around. 
 It's filled with tons of really fresh, fun ideas.

I love this one for a paper pumpkin centerpiece.  
I'm totally planning on making up a few of these for our Thanksgiving feast.

Paper pumpkin craft

I also think this is a cute idea for illustrated portrait place cards.  
Wouldn't this be fun for the kids to do?

Go visit Minted today for tons of beautiful Christmas cards + a  really fabulous blog.

Disclaimer: This post was written for Minted.  All opinions are 100% mine.

November 19, 2013

Chalkboard Church Party Invite

My Relief Society president knows me well.  She asked me to make the ward Christmas party invite.  She gave me two themes "Joy to the World" and "something that looks like chalkboard" and if it wasn't too much trouble, could I make two?

Done and done.

First I headed over to Walmart and picked up two black, thick poster boards and a box of chalk.  I was worried the chalk would smear if little fingers touched it, so I should buy something more permanent, but the chalk worked perfectly on the board and didn't move at all.

Then I headed over to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I decided to incorporate ideas from these three chalkboards.

o come all ye faithful printables

Then, just looking at these ideas I free-handed it right on the poster boards.



And a little side by side.  
I think I like # 1 better.

This fun project has really got me in the Christmas holiday mood.

November 15, 2013

Loaded Questions -- A FREE Printable Game

A couple weeks ago I was in charge of planning a get to know you game for the youth in our ward.  It was for our older girls (12-18) to get to know the younger girls (8 - 12).  I thought and thought about what game would be fun... suddenly I thought about the really fun game Loaded Questions.


My sister in law had brought it for us to play this summer when our big family was all together.  But she just only brought the cards (not the game board).  So, I suppose I've never technically played the correct game, since I've never done the board.

But the questions were so fun and the answers were so hilarious that I thought this would be the perfect Get to Know you activity.

I did a little searching online to get the exact game play, found a couple questions, wrote all the others, and before I knew it I had the game all ready.

The game that night was So much fun!  We had a really big group so we ended up dividing up into two groups.  My favorite answer from the girls was to the questions, "Where is your ideal place to be proposed to?"  Her answer (8 year old), "At prom in college."  Ha, ha!!

Here's how to make your own game:

STEP ONE:  Print off the Loaded Questions Game HERE!

STEP TWO: Cut out each of the questions.  

Then fold the questions in half.

STEP THREE:  Prepare a bag to put the questions in.

Put the folded questions inside.

STEP FOUR:  Print out the last "Loaded Questions" page for as many people as are playing.

STEP FIVE:  Follow the directions (located on the print out) and Play!

This is a great game for a family night, mutual activity, a get to know you game, or out with friends.

DISCLAIMER:  I will mention that I wrote most of these questions with the intent of asking them to girls ages 8 - 18-- so the questions might be a little girly...

November 12, 2013

A Gentleman's Bow Tie-- A PDF Pattern for Sell!!

If you went to the shop yesterday, then you already saw my Gentleman's Bow Tie for sell.

But if not well, then here it is:  A Gentleman's Bow Tie PDF pattern for only $5!

As a reminder it comes in three sizes:

Click HERE to buy your own.

November 11, 2013

My First Scripture Bag-- A PDF Pattern for Sell!!

Exciting news, everybody-- My First Scripture Bag is now for sell in my new shop!

My friend asked me the other day if I would make one for her daughter's birthday.  She picked out the fabric.  Isn't it cute?

It's a great bag that fits one Book of Mormon just perfectly.  Perfect for baptisms, first day of Primary, birthdays, or for any child needing to carry their Book of Mormon.

For more information please visit here.

November 4, 2013

"Be Grateful" Chalkboard

Last year I made a "Be Grateful" tree on the chalkboard.  All month long in November members of the family came up and wrote on the leaves what they were grateful for.

This year I made it again.

I was searching around for a lovely tree to inspire the look of my tree today.

I came across this gem:

Fall Wedding Guest Book Alternative -  Wedding Tree - Chalkboard Wedding Guest Book


First I drew the tree.

Then I added some line details and my Be Grateful at the bottom.

Then I added my leaves.  Most of them are in a heart shape.

Once all the leaves were added I shaded everything in, using the flat side of the chalk.

That was it!  A lovely Be Grateful tree.

Lastly I added the first thing I am grateful for.

"A grateful person is rich in contentment.  An ungrateful person suffers in the poverty of endless discontentment."  -  David A. Bednar