About Freshly Completed


About Freshly Completed:

Allison is the voice and talent behind Freshly Completed.  
Here you'll find all things Allie loves: 
darling sewing projects,
 new paintings, 
gift ideas
and occasionally a fun new recipe.  
She loves creating fun new ideas for the family and home.  

The purpose of this blog is to inspire others in a creative, fun, and positive way!

Here's a 1 1/2 minute look at what you'll find on my blog.

About ME:
I feel like I should start at the beginning....going Waaaaay back.  This is Me growing up in California:

As a girl I loved all things ART.  Both my parents were very artistic and I learned from an early age to love creating through drawings, paintings, music, and sewing.  When I was three I won a drawing contest.  It was a very typical three year old drawing of a purple person with arms and legs sticking out of the huge round head.  I was always proud of the ribbon I won there and being published.  I think this set me up with the idea that I was good at art.  More importantly, I found that I loved being creative.

My creativity is always being channeled through different mediums.

Grade school I was really into drawing.
High school I was really into sewing and singing.
College I was into playing guitar and making my roommates become members of my band.  Towards the end of college I discovered painting in oils and found a new hobby.

This is J, growing up in Wisconsin.

I met J my senior year of college at BYU-Idaho.  He was attending BYU. He came up to visit his sister, my roommate.  Call me crazy, but it was honestly Love At First SIGHT.  We started a long email courtship (as he was on his way to Connecticut for the summer).  Eventually we were able to date in the same city and really get to know each other and fall in love.

We married about a year after we met in the Salt Lake Temple. I graduated a couple days before the wedding with my degree in Elementary Education.  Two years later J graduated from the Y and just got his masters from the U.  We're currently living in the Midwest with my professor husband.

I taught school for two years when we were first married.  When I was going to school I wanted to minor in Art.  However, I was told by my school counselor that El Ed majors were not allowed to get minors (reason being they don't want you to take any longer to graduate-- there's an unwritten law there-- get 'em in, get 'em out as fast as possible).  This was not a significant problem, as being a teacher is a very satisfying job and I found I could always be very creative with my students.

Now days I am home with six wonderful children. We honestly marvel at our children, their joy, their light, and their beauty, each day.  I find myself needing to create with them and for them often.  They are an endless source of inspiration for me.

July 4, 1019: