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September 1, 2021

How to make a Bubbles Singing helper for Primary singing time

I made this last week to help in singing time.  I received lots of questions on facebook, about how I made it and how to used it, so I decided to write it all down in this post here.

First, HOW to make Bubbles.

Supplies needed:
- a box ( I used a leftover dish box)
- a balloon (pink)
- paint supplies

I googled a picture of "girl blowing bubble gum" and liked this image.

Then, I did a quick sketch on my box.

After the sketch, I painted it with simple acyclic craft paints.

Afterwards I needed a hole.  It looks a little crazy, but the easiest way to do this was to grab a steak knife and just go around to make a small hole.

Yeah, all done!  Next, you add a balloon to her mouth.

From the back.

Attach balloon pump:

That's it!

I also made little "popped gum pieces" out of leftover paint on bright pink paper.  After the paint had dried, I ran my two pages through the laminator and then cut them out.

I used them on my Chart Tablet, which I talked about in yesterday's post. 

Here's How to use Bubbles in Singing Time.

First I explained that we had a new primary child.  I brought her out. I said, "This is Bubbles, but she doesn't like to sing our songs.  She's a little naughty, she only likes to eat bubble gum." 

Then I explained how maybe she can help us:  When her bubble grow large, we can sing loudly!  When her bubble shrink down, we can sing softer.  I only used her for songs we had already been singing for a few weeks.  I think she's best for review.

Then I took her air out quickly and exclaimed, "Oh, NO! Bubbles' gum popped all over our song."  At this point you or your children can come up and put the "popped gum pieces" to cover up words in our song on the chart.

Worked like a charm. Can't wait to have her back at Primary.

August 31, 2021

How to teach Primary Songs using a Chart Tablet

I was so excited a few months ago when I was called to serve in Primary, to be the new Primary Chorister.  I've served a few times in Primary and it's always a happy place.  I love the simple truths and messages of love and understanding primary songs bring.

After my call, I spent hours pouring over the handbook and different websites trying to decide how I could best teach the songs to the children.  Then it was time to begin.  But instead of being in the Primary room, as one might think, we began with all of the children (around 60) in the chapel, spaced out in pews.

I was worried that printed paper would be too small as I tried to teach songs and I didn't really want to roll the massive chalkboard into the chapel every Sunday.  Quickly, I remembered my days as an elementary teacher and how I loved teaching poems on large papers for the students to see.  

After some research I found Chart Tablets on Amazon. This was back in March and they were not on sale.  So I kept searching and found them on School Smart for a much better price and bought three.

When I was a teacher I had a large metal stand that I would hang my poems on.  That is not an option here, so I pulled out my old, large art clipboard and clipped it on for support.  At church I quickly grab an easel that looks like this and it makes everything easy to transport around. 

Mostly I try to stick with simple pictures that give the idea of what the words are.  This is helpful for junior primary who can't read and for senior primary, who are working on memorizing the words. I usually draw out a sketch on a piece of paper of how I want the page organized, then write and draw it out as large as I can on my chart tablet.  My daughters usually help me color each page.

Here are some examples of what I've made. 

"When He comes again" - left
"I Want to be a Missionary Now"- right


"I'm trying to be like Jesus"- left

"Me Encanta Ver el Temple" - right

Every week I bring my large tablet to and from church.  I love having all the songs saved in one place, as we sing I can easily flip back to what page we need.  It has worked out great!

April 6, 2020

Belgravia Knit Dress

Liesl + CO. has released their new dress the Belgravia Knit Dress.  I was asked to be a pattern tester back in January when the world was safe and normal.  I needed fabric, so a quick trip to Joann and I was set.  Who knew I'd take that for granted?

So, when the world returns and you can leave your house (or if you have knit fabric on hand) I totally recommend this darling dress!

I sewed up view B, size 6.  I added 5" of length, because I'm tall. 

When I sew it again, I'll probably add 2" of length to the sleeves (because #tall). 

This dress is super flattering.  I love the tight, knit look. 
(Below are my photos from a cold, dark, overcast January day).
Because this dress was made from knit it was so simple, fast,  and cute.

I love the tie that cinches up the waist. 

Super cute dress.  I'm excited to sew another one.

December 10, 2019

The Saint-Germain Wrap Dress

Liesl + Co (Oliver + S' adult patterns) has a new dress pattern she released yesterday, The Saint-Germain Wrap Dress.

I was very lucky to be a pattern tester. 

The dress is so lovely! It is a flowy wrap dress, with lots of coverage, that is not going to pull apart in a stiff wind.

 I sewed up a size 6, with the view B 3/4" sleeves and the view A midi-length skirt.

I chose linen fabric, which I was a little scared of -- it does need lots of ironing, but it has the perfect drape of what I was going for!

Beautiful dress.  I've gotten lots of compliments when I wear it and friends can't believe I sewed it.

October 31, 2019

The Von Trapp Family Zombies

Happy Halloween!  
The plan for this year's Halloween costume, according to Facebook was made 37 weeks ago.

I had a friend getting rid of curtains and I was basically dared to make them into costumes.

They probably all forgot.  I did not.

The Von Trapp Family Zombies from @lliE on Vimeo.

My plan was to make straight up, real Von Trapp costumes from this fabric...but my kiddos weren't really going for it.

So someone mentioned...was it me?  That we should be The Von Trapp Family Zombies...and suddenly, everyone was interested!

We don't really watch scary movies and I wasn't even sure what zombies looked like, but after a quick google search I declared, "Ahh, zombies are scary and super gross!"

So, whereas, yes, we are "zombies", we don't have any blood around our faces -- yuck, and we like brains...but we eat grass and leaves.  Alternative names: Ghouls, The un-dead, you get the point.

There, now everyone's happy.

The Hills are ALIVE with the sound of BRAINS!

I self drafted my dress, just by making it up as I went.  The girl's dresses were loosely based off Oliver + S dresses and using the Building Block drafting book. 

The boys are wearing Oliver + S sunny side shorts with pretend lederhosen.

And J gets to be captain and just wear a suit with a $1 whistle.

J and the kids all agreed the scariest part of my costume was my pretend bangs. (Which is my bottom hair tucked on top).

Total cost for costumes:
$1 = Whistle
$6 = Face Paint
$1 = Fire starter to burn holes in the fabric
FREE = curtains + brown fabric + everything else.

Last night we had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat Party and I'm happy to report our family won the "Best Family Costume" Award. 

Happy Halloween, ghouls and boys!