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March 1, 2012

The Lorax Movie

A couple weeks ago we checked out "The Lorax" (on eco-friendly paper no less) from the library. The kids all thought it was a really fun book and we read it a couple of times before we returned it.

Last week we were back at the library for Story time, with my little kids while big brother was at Kindergarten.

After a fun morning of stories and silly dances we packed up to get ready to return to home.

Everyone was almost gone when our librarian remembered, "Oh, I have free tickets to see The Lorax if anyone's interested."

I responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes, sir-- 5, please."

Turns out I was able to get 5 tickets for our family to see a special early screening of The Lorax in 3-D.  This screening was also presented to many members of the press.

Knowing the time frame of activities that are free we arrived at the theater over an hour early.  We ended up standing in line (outside) for about a half an hour.  Then we were able to pick out perfect seats in the theater-- all five in a row.

Being that we still had some extra time we let the kids "play" at the video game machines for a bit before taking our seats. We're such nice parents. 

Have I mentioned, the boys were Super excited to see this movie?  They were quote, "Super Excited!"

J and I were excited to be having a fun, free activity with the family.

 Trying out the 3-D glasses being SUPER Excited!

How did sister like it?

She liked the glasses for about 30 seconds.

She watched the movie for about 30 seconds.

So success...sort of. 

And the rest of us?

We really liked it! 

It was an extremely family friendly movie. 
The boys have mentioned it several times since we saw the movie talking about parts they liked and funny parts.
 There was absolutely nothing adult-ish or inappropriate.  
We thought all the jokes were meant for kids (no Shrek-like humor).
The animation was very fun. I loved the bright colors and aesthetic appeal.
The 3-D was fun, though not necessarily. (After viewing this I did not have a headache, so I considered this a victory).
They stayed really true to the book, while adding interesting things to the plot to make it into a full movie.
And lastly, I really enjoyed Ed Helm's character.  I thought he did a really excellent job.

I give it an 8.5 out of 10 stars.


Unknown said...

We have plans to see it this weekend I cannot wait.

Ladybird Ln said...

Good Review! I have had such a negative perception of the Lorax, since it was banned from my elementary school as a kid (weird huh). But maybe I should at least read the book! That is so fun that you got free movie tix! I found you at Happy Hour.