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December 22, 2014

Fairy Tale Dress

This little sweetheart had a second birthday last week.  And being that she's a holiday baby, I really wanted to sew her a Christmas dress.  I knew just the pattern I wanted to try out: The Fairy Tale Dress by Oliver + S.

It is such a darling, classic dress.  The Peter Pan collar and tulip cap sleeves really make the dress so special.

Here's the pix I snapped real quick before church.  I had excess fabric left over so I made my other daughter a matching skirt, with a self drafted skirt.

The kids are really too darling.  Having them all matchy-matchy, I can barely stand the cuteness overload!

We set up the camera on a chair and got some nice, up-the-nose shots.  That's okay, dressing for Christmas is kind of my favorite!

Merry Christmas to you all!

December 10, 2014

3 Little Christmas Things

I love this time of year.  It's been busy, for sure, but also joyous and happy.

I just wanted to share with you three little things that I've put together.

Up first: Our Christmas Card!  
Remember how I teased you with all the lovely Minted card options?

Well, here's the one we chose.  My friend had taken a lot of fun pictures of the family and this card was an excellent way to showcase them all.

I LOVE the print quality and design of Minted cards.  They are like no others!  
And the self addressing aspect can't be beat!

Up Second:  Remember my easily changeable burlap wreath?

Well, I spent about $2.00 and changed it from fall to Christmas themed.  It probably took five minutes tops.  I secured the backs with twist ties.

I love the simple change.

Up Last:  You know how I'm always changing up my chalkboard.  I love finding new ideas that match the season.

This simple design was inspired by Creative Kismet.

Happy Holidays!  
What fun things are you working on?

December 2, 2014

How to Sew 15 minute Infinity Scarfs


At my Church I work with young girls 12-18 years old.  Each year we try to put together some nice gift for them for Christmas.  Last year we sewed them bows and little hair do-dads.  

This year we brainstormed ideas and landed on Knit Infinity Scarfs.  We noticed the girls love them and thought this would be a really fun, simple gift to make for them.

We headed to Jo-Anns one night and ran around picking out knits which were all 50% off.  We had a lot of fun talking about each girl and deciding which would best fit her style.  Then one night we got together again and sewed them all up.  They were really simple and the result is so darling!


1. One yard (or half a yard) knit jersey fabric 
2. Complementary thread
3. Serger or ball point needle or a long wide straight stitch

STEP ONE:  We made each scarf out of one yard of fabric.  Some of them were more thick as a result. 
 If you want a thinner scarf, use a half a yard (cutting the fabric down the middle through the shorter ends).


STEP THREE: We used a serger here.  But you could use a ball point needle or a long wide stitch on a normal sewing machine.




All done!

Here they are all lined up!  We passed them out last week and the girls loved them.

December 1, 2014

10 AWESOME Gift Ideas for Guys

Is it just me or is buying gifts for men really hard?  I'm under the personal opinion that I'm really easy to buy for: fabric + art + something new to wear and I'm as happy as a clam.

So If you're like me and need a little help, check out these ideas.

(These are not affiliated or sponsored ideas).

What guy wouldn't love the "world's BEST hammock"?  Makes you wonder what qualifies it as such, huh?

Roo The World's BEST Camping Hammock - $99

I don't know a single man that does not just Love Bacon.

These wallets are just awesome.

Nothing dresses up a man quite as nicely as a freshly sewn bow tie.

Bow Tie Sewing Pattern -- A Gentleman's Bow Tie--Sewing PDF file instant download

This gift idea is for those 20-something brother-in-law types.

This game is an absolute favorite of ours.  It's really fun to play with a big group, but can also be played with just two players.

7 Wonders - $32

Love these beautiful cutting boards.

AHeirloom's Kentucky State Shaped Cutting Board

Might be the fanciest dried meat I've ever seen.

Grass Fed Biltong

My idea of fun is in my sewing room, music blaring, sewing away.  But I know many who love to get outdoors and ...well....survive in nature.

These are really beautiful journals.

This print just makes me laugh.  Again, another Bacon reference.

Cow Butcher Diagram, Butcher Chart - Kitchen Sign, Kitchen Print, Kitchen Art, Bacon Print, Bacon Sign - 8x10

There you go, hope you enjoyed my roundup.  Did I make your shopping a little easier...?