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January 30, 2013

The Loons

Today I'm sharing the last gift I made for Christmas.

I started this painting in November to give to my husband's parents.
It took about 3 week to paint.

The inspiration for this painting came to me while we were visiting my in-laws cabin.  They have a fantastic cabin in northern Wisconsin.  It's beautiful and sits serenely on it's own lake that it shares with their neighbors. We spent a week out there last summer and had such a fantastic time together.

One night while out on their lake, enjoying a serine pontoon boat ride we were all admiring the sunset as it blissfully sank behind the grove of trees.  My father in law asked me, "How would you paint that scene, Allie?"  He knows I love to paint. "Would you paint all the trees black?  They all look black to me."  He's colorblind, so he often checks to see what colors we're seeing, too.  I told him I'd probably paint it black and green, so capture the trees.

Then suddenly I realized I wanted to capture this moment and paint it for them to hang in their cabin.  Unfortunately all I had on me was our video camera-- which does not take the best quality pictures.

But I took my picture and decided to add the lacking details according to my fancy.

Their lake is really fantastic and fun to play around in, but one of my favorite parts of their lake has to be their two loons that live there.  I knew my painting had to include these loons, too.  Here's the best picture I could take of them. 
Here's some details that I like. 

I'm sure it will look great hanging on their cabin wall.

January 23, 2013

Another Scripture Bag

As Christmas was drawing closer this year my husband and I took an inventory of the gifts for the kids and decided that our two year old needed one more present. We talked about possible things she'd enjoy and concluded that she'd really like her own scripture bag.  During our family scripture reading time she was always stealing her brothers bags and putting her scriptures in them.

Click HERE for your own Scripture bag pattern-- only $5.

So a couple of weeks before Christmas I wiped her up her very own scripture bag.  When she opened it on Christmas day, she quickly got right up, put her scriptures in it and placed it carefully on the shelf. 
 She knew just what to do.

She loves to take out her scriptures.

Do some reading.

And put them back away, all by herself.  What a cute, big girl.

January 18, 2013

The Little Geranium Dress

The other day (Tuesday to be precise) one of my favorite blogs offered a Free Dress Pattern for size 0-3 months.  I could not resist this sweet offer. I've got a one month old who needs a cute little dress.

So yesterday I had some time while all the kids napped and made this darling dress.

I was very excited to give my sewing desk some attention.  It had been turned into a changing table as of late.

But I excitedly cleared it off and used it for it's intended purpose-- sewing!
After I finished sewing I put everything back away and it became a changing table again...

Mostly my sweetie slept while I worked.  But once she woke up, she happily sat in her swing while I finished her dress up.

As promised this dress was, "fun and simple to make, as well as ridiculously adorable ".  

And here we are.


And darling little mini pockets:

And, of course, Darling Little Squishy Baby:

January 16, 2013

Matryoshka Doll Art

Here's a little something I made for my parents for Christmas.

Ooh, something non-sewing.

The inspiration for this project was this cute gal.

My parents returned home from their LDS Mission almost exactly a year ago (from the time I handed them their gift).  They spent a year and a half serving the people in Moscow, Russia. They really embraced the culture there and loved the people, the food, and their time there (...though maybe not the weather)

Upon their arrival home they had beautiful hand painted Matryoshka doll (nesting dolls) for all their children.

Looking up at my nesting doll one day I thought it would be a really fun project to paint this darling doll and frame it for their wall.  I was planning on water color, but when digging through my art supplies I came across my oil pastels...and quickly changed my mind.

It was such a fun, quick project.

I knew I wanted a square frame for this project. I found this perfect frame at Michaels.  
Turned out great and my parents loved it.

January 10, 2013

Monster Bags!

I'm continuing with sharing things I made for Christmas.

For my children I made them each a monster bag.

I got the idea from a post I saw last year on Small for Big. 

I thought it was such a cute/easy idea.  And perfect for using up those extra fabric scraps.

Here's how to make them.

1. Fabric
2. Buttons
3. Zippers
4. Quilted fabric 
5. Red felt
6. Black Paint/ paint brush

STEP ONE: Gather up materials needed.

STEP TWO: Cut out fabrics.  
I cut one of my yellow fabrics in half where I was going to add the zipper.

STEP THREE: Get ready to add zipper.
I don't often sew with zippers and for a really wonderful/clear tutorial I followed this one by Make it and Love it.
Zig-zag each end of fabric.  Then base stitch fabrics together.  Fold down and iron.  Add zipper.

STEP FOUR: Sew your zipper in place.

STEP FIVE: Remove tape and unpick base stitch where the zipper is. 

STEP SIX: Place three fabrics together and sew all around edges. 
I wanted to add the quilted fabric so these monster bags would be more sturdy.

STEP SEVEN: Cut out a little tongue made of red felt. 
Hold up place where zipper is and sew on tongue piece.  
This will secure it down and prevent it from getting stuck in the zipper.

STEP EIGHT: Clip edges.

STEP NINE: Turn right side out and iron down.

STEP TEN: Hand sew on buttons for eyes.
Add a teeny dot for eyes.

You could be all done here.  I took a look at my yellow monster and decided it was a little plain.  So I decided to add some fabric paint, using freezer paper to add some chevron lines.

Now I'm All Done!

Then I made two more, each one a little different size.

The kids love 'em.  They can hold all sorts of things.
  Including fun peg people super heroes.

January 8, 2013

How to Make A HOME T-Shirt

This year for Christmas I was very much in a "I'm going to make the present" kind of mood.

I made lots of my presents.  
Each one of them fun and adding a little personal touch.

On my in-law side we rotate names and give to one person each year.  This year I was given the name of my oldest brother-in-law.  Currently he and his cute family reside in Texas-- which he really loves and embraces, including wearing cowboy boots and shopping at H-E-B.

So I knew I wanted to make him a shirt sharing his love of home.

1. Print out of your state
2. Freezer paper
3. Fabric Paint
4. Iron
5. T-shirt
First, Buy your shirt.
I found a nice soft, Mossimo one from Target.

STEP ONE: Find and print out a map of your state.
I googled "simple Texas map" to find my map.  
I opened it in Microsoft Publisher and made it super big and added the word, "home." and a star to show where they live. The top of my state was cut off so I could make it that big.  I added it after.

If you're interested you can use my file.

(Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8x11 page to get the proper size)

STEP TWO: Place your state under the freezer paper and trace.

STEP  THREE: Cut out your state, letters, and star with an exacto knife.

STEP FOUR: Line up your state, letters, and star on your shirt.

STEP FIVE: Iron everything down.

STEP SIX: Paint with fabric paint.
I usually place newspaper in between the shirt so no paint goes through.
I did four layers of paint letting each dry for about 1 1/2 each before adding the next layer.

STEP SEVEN: Once everything's dry peel off all the freezer paper.  
Last thing to do is place a towel on top of the painted part of the shirt and iron everything together for 30 seconds.

All done!