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March 31, 2014

Bow Ties and Suspenders for Sale.

 I finally got three sets of bow ties and matching suspenders in the shop today.

All the Little Gentleman's bow ties are made using my pattern and the suspenders are put together and hand sewn by me.  All really fun and really cute!

If you're in the Ikat mood, might I recommend this set.  Size Medium.

Feeling springy and need some blue gingham?  Got that in a size Large.

And finally, trying to jump on the trendy train, I even made up this cute Chevron and Silver set.  Size Large.


Please visit my Etsy Shop HERE for more.


March 17, 2014

Schoolboy Vest Pattern

I did some really awesome sewing for my boys the other day.  Sewing for the boys?  Finally, unfortunately I do not do a ton of sewing for my sweet boys.  

 There's just not a lot of options out there.  
So when this schoolboy vest pattern came out by Sew Much Ado, I had to jump on it.
This is a really awesome pattern, which includes a fully lined vest pattern.  You can go casual or more fancy.  I had Easter in mind, so I definitely had more fancy on the mind (matching girl dresses to come.)  The pattern includes directions for professional looking tie straps in the back and how to make the pattern fully reversible.  It also has directions for welt pockets or faux welt pockets (which is what I did).

Let's take a look at those handsome little devils.

They totally LOVED this look and their matching vests.

And those cute gentleman's bow ties?  From my pattern found in the shop HERE

I asked them to show me what they'd look like with their vest unbuttoned.

Wow, handsome.

And lets see those suspenders.


You can grab this darling Schoolboy Vest Pattern by Sew Much Ado HERE.

March 12, 2014

The Lullaby Layette Set

If you saw my post yesterday you  heard me rave about the new Spring Line over at Oliver + S.

Well, I made the Hide and Seek dress to be used in their photo shoot.

And I had the pleasure to sew up the Lullaby Layette Set to be used for my Baby's First Birthday.  
The timing was Perfect!

Did you notice the word, "set"? Well, this is gem of a pattern includes directions to make a shirt, a bodysuit, pants, and a reversible jacket.  Awesome?  Yes.  And it's made for baby, but ranges from sizes 0 - 24 months.  Sweet, so I've still got a year to make more clothes from this lovely set.

Liesl recommends using using woven fabrics, but I went with a snuggly knit for the top and sweatshirt fabric for the pants.

My baby is round and snuggly, so I kinda wanted to make her clothing which reflected that, too.  I really love the look of woven fabrics, but they usually require ironing...and as my husband will attest, ironing often is not my strong suit. 

I love these pants.  They have their seam right on the front side of the pants. What a unique spin on the common pants.

For the back of the pants, she includes directions for some pockets.  I took a little liberty here, when I was making them.  Instead of the usual, straight across the top pocket (as directed), I went with a darling bow top.  Which really ties in the skirt to the pants. 

 I thought the placket on the front of the shirt would be confusing-- but of course, it totally wasn't.  She walks you through every step and you walk away from that part patting yourself on the back having mastered something new.

I would say the fit is generous, so be sure to use the given guide to make sure you're sewing up the right size. 

Since this darling outfit was made for baby's first birthday, her photo shoot was at our local science center on her birthday.  We have been visiting here for the last year, but this was really the first time baby could get around by herself and explore.  She had a blast.

These clothes are great for sitting, walking, and crawling around as fast as can be.

I finally got her to crawl over to an area where I could get some good light.  Since it was her birthday, I didn't want to bug her too much of her posing, like I usually do-- ha, ha.

"Hello, sweetie, oh...please don't put that in your mouth...even if it's your birthday, that's gross."

Again, lovely pattern.  Perfect for that little snuggly baby in your life.

You can get the Lullaby Layette Set Paper Pattern HERE
You can get the Lullaby Layette Set Digital Pattern HERE

Now let's Enjoy Spring and get Sewing!

March 11, 2014

Hide and Seek Dress

Have you heard the exciting news?
Oliver + S has just released their new 2014 Spring Line.

Which includes this adorable Hide and Seek Dress.

I was contacted in December and asked if I'd like to be a pattern tester.  Um, YES, sign me up!!

I actually sewed up this beautiful dress to be used in her photo shoot.  

See this dress.  I totally made that.  EEEKKKkkk, I can't believe that's the dress I made.  Thrilling.

After I made this dress I took a quick couple of shots of my daughter trying it out.  It's a size 3t, but is a little big on my mini daughter.

This pattern was really a fun sew.  It includes a darling v-notch neckline, simple to sew welt pockets, cuffed sleeves.  The result is simply darling.  And as always she easily walks you through each step and you feel so accomplished when you're done.

 After our photo shoot, I packaged it up and sent it to New York.  Where I haven't seen it since....until yesterday, when she announced her new Spring line-- and low and behold, there's that cute dress I sewed up.  

I just sat there and stared at it for 15 minutes feeling so thrilled that I had sewed up that dress.

You can buy the digital Hide and Seek Dress pattern HERE.
and the paper hide and Seek Dress pattern HERE.

Click here to see the Lullaby Layette outfit I made for my baby.

March 6, 2014

Hot Wheel Birthday Party!!

Several months ago we had a Hot Wheel Birthday Party for my dear 5 year old.  My boy LOVES Hot Wheels!  He has since he was a little baby and plays with them almost every day.
 So a Hot Wheel Themed party was a natural choice. 

A couple weeks before the party I made up these invitations and emailed them to his friend's Moms.
I made this card using PicMonkey-- it was so simple and turned out so cute.

The day of the party arrived and the first thing my son did was hand everyone their freshly picked out Hot Wheel car.

Then my husband took over and in his most animated voice let the boys know they were gathered for one purpose only...."To have the ULTIMATE HOT WHEELS RACE!"  He informed them they were going through series of race car track games  to see who the ultimate hot wheel race car driver is.  But first they had to come up with their cool race car name. 

Each of the boys picked a name.  We had such awesome names as:  Cloud Cutter, Lighting Crisp, Beast Hunter, King, Road Runner, Racer.

Then, the racers were off to their First Competition! 

I made this game on a large poster board with circles, crayons, and a sharpie.  

Then the bulls eye mat was tapped on the ground in our kitchen and each of the racer had three chances to race their cars to see who could get the most points. 

Up next was the Pin the Wheel on the Hot Wheel.  
No party, in my opinion, is complete without a pin the something onto something else.  Gotta have it.

I made this by drawing a hot wheel onto a poster board, colored it with crayon, and outlined it with sharpie.  Then I made the wheel that was going to be pinned onto the hot wheel car out of cardboard.

I spent days and days trying to come up with a good plan for how to tell who wins this game-- bouncing a couple of ideas off my husband he came up with the idea to cut a hole into the wheel and putting a dot in the very center.  Each kid was assigned a different colored marker to mark their dot.  Whoever gets their dot closest to the red dot, is the winner.

Then instead of the traditional blindfold, which typically falls off or is see through, we used a beanie pulled down.  It worked Great!

Next we moved over to RACE TIME!

We split the boys into teams and they decided if they wanted to be a "motorcycle" which is fast, but small or a "monster truck" which is large, but slow.  After they choose teams we set them loose and they decorated their vehicles.

Once they were all set, we lined them up in their racing pits and had them race around our house.

 Monster Trucks Won!!  They were so large, the motorcycles couldn't get around them.

After all the fun games, we sat down for a pizza dinner, cake, and presents. 

Let's take one more look at that cake.


It was made rather simply, but looked great.

I made it using two cake boxes and filled up a small rectangle pan and my bunt cake pan.  Once it was cooled I did a little bit of cutting to make it a five.

Then I moved my cake onto the back of a foil lined cookie sheet.  I bought some black icing color, which worked great.  I did the top black and the sides green.  Finished with some yellow strips and two hot wheels that my boy chose.  Then, being goofy, I accidentally added the cars to the same side of the road-- oops.

For party favors we made some hot wheel candies. I made a template and wrapped up some mambos on top, and some heresy's chocolate and kit-kats on the bottom.  Then I wrapped those up in paper using a hot glue gun.  Then I glued four rollos to the sides for the wheels.

They turned out SO cute!  Then we added those to the party bags, filled with stickers and their hot wheel cars.

The party ended exactly two hours after we started.  It was the perfect time with really happy, pleasant boys.  A happy day, indeed!