Eating' like we're at Cafe Rio


 Welp, I did it.

I said I would.

I made a Cafe Rio-ish dinner.

And guess what?


It was yummy day 1, day 2, day 3, and probably when I eat what's left of it on day 4.
 (It made a lot and I have a little family).

I found this recipe from One Good Thing via Chef in Training.

Two things I changed.

1. We used this.  

Even though I had to buy a 12-pack of caffeine free coke for $5 and was annoyed at it (instead of the $0.48 Big K with caffeine, off-brand coke)
-- I'm glad I did.
We're a non-drinkin' caffeine family-- why start now?

2. And where as I did add these little gross things as the recipe stated:
Next time I'm making this, I'm definitely skipping the chilies.  Blah.  Both me and husband do not enjoy these.

This recipe made a lot (plus we bought a 4 pound pork, not the 2 pounds) and it was so good day after day. 
Day 1 we had it in burritos, day 2: salad, day 3: salad and burritos.  It's so good.  The only difference as far as I was concerned was more or less lettuce and whether it was wrapped in a tortilla or not.

And I will say the Cilantro lime rice and the Creamy Tomatillo Dressing were Super delicious.  And the black beans from a can surprisingly helped pull the meal together.

Here's a picture of our yummy salad and what we put on it.

Yes, Mother I put Kale in it.  

My mom and sisters have been in this crazy kale kick.

I wanted to join the club and have started putting kale in random foods-- like coke-soaked pork salads.


KT said…
Can I just come live with you? You've been making so many yummy things lately. This looks amazing. I will definitely try it.

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