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October 23, 2015

How to Make a No-Sew Gryffindor Patch


My oldest son is going to be Harry Potter this year. 
 For those with a keen memory, you might remember that he was Harry Potter when he was one and a half years old. 
 Ahh, he was so cute!

The first robe and patch I made him was cute, though I knew I could do a little better this time around.

For a more authentic look, I checked Google for a great looking Gryffindor Crest and found this one.

Upon looking at it, it got the wheels spinning and I knew I could make this out of felt and have it look really good.

Here's how to make your own!

Materials Needed

1. Red, Yellow, Black, and Gray thick felt pieces, off the bolt works best
3. Printed off Gryffindor paper
4. Sharpie
5. Hot glue gun (optional)

STEP ONE: Print off your Gryffindor crest patch.
I did mine in black and white and referred to the actual picture on my I-pad for the color references.

STEP TWO: Gather felt materials and apply Heat'n Bond, as directions indicate.

STEP THREE: Cut crest out and trace outline onto heat'n bond paper.

STEP FOUR: Cut out each piece, turn them backwards and trace them onto the heat'n bond paper. 
Make sure it's backwards, so you have the pieces going in the right direction when you cut them out later.
 Make sure you label each piece so you remember where it goes.
For example, "RM = Right Middle" "LT= Left Top"

STEP FIVE: Cut out each piece, one at a time. 
Peal off Heat'n Bond paper.  Apply felt, bond side down, in place.  Iron down for 20 seconds.

STEP SIX:  Continue repeating step five, building from bottom to top.  
Do not iron, until everything is in place, exactly where you want it.

STEP SEVEN: Looking at the real image, add in all the details with a Sharpie

Your Gryffindor Patch is All done!

Once completed, add it to your robe, iron in place.  Because my patch had been ironed so many times, it didn't quite seem as strong, so I added a little hot glue, to keep everything in place.

For the full Harry Potter look, check this out!

October 20, 2015

DIY Easy Batman Gloves/Gauntlets


This year for Halloween my kids all went with something different for their costumes.  As much as I love family themed costumes, for example here, here and here, it is fun to just let them do their own thing, too.

I started with my son who wanted to be The Dark Knight-- Batman.  It was simple to gather up the materials, add the cape, and make a simple shirt, belt and pants.  But one thing he Really wanted was "Cool Batman Gloves".  After a quick internet search I found there wasn't a pattern for such a thing, so I made one. 

Here's how to make your own:

1. Print off the Batman Glove Pattern HERE
2. Black Shiny Fabric 
3. Thick cardboard or plastic for gauntlet spikes
4. Elastic
5. Serger
6. Hot glue gun
7. Other sewing notions

STEP ONE: Gather up materials and print off the pattern.  

Trace and cut out six spikes the size of the spikes on the pattern.  You can cut them out of thick cardboard or plastic.
I had this graded plastic on hand, so it worked great. 

STEP TWO: Cut out two gloves on folded fabric, right sides together (so you'll have four total).

STEP THREE:  Serge the edges as shown below, using a rolled edge for each of the four gloves, one at a time.
Because I was using cheap Halloween fabric, this turned out to be a rather tricky venture.  But eventually I got it to work.
  If you don't have a serger, using a teeny seam, tuck fabric in twice towards the wrong side of the fabric and use a zigzag stitch.

STEP FOUR: Place two gloves together, right sides facing, pin around the edges and sew using a 1/2" seam in places shown below.

STEP FIVE: Turn right side out, poke spikes out and press everything together.

STEP SIX: Try the glove on and mark with chalk where the glove fits snug on your child's arm.

STEP SEVEN: Line the inside of the chalk mark with velcro and sew in place.

STEP EIGHT:  Make sure the spikes are the right size to fit inside.  
If needed cut so they fit.  Place spikes in their spot and hot glue in place, closing the gap.

STEP NINE: Repeat everything for the other glove and All DONE!

Pretty cool, Mr. Dark Knight!

Check out the full costume here!