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October 29, 2012

Super Easy Pregnant Lady Costume


Need a 2-minute costume for Halloween?

Well, you're in luck pregnant friend.

This past Friday we went to a Halloween Trunk or Treat party hosted at our Church.

I decided rather last minute I wanted to put minimal effort in and make myself a quick Halloween costume.  I knew I had to work with the big belly I'm rockin'-- so naturally I thought of ball-- which lead me to think of a black magic 8 ball.  So I sat down at my sewing table, grabbed some felt and kept cutting until I got what I was looking for.  Then I taped everything on my shirt with masking tape.

Simple, right?

October 26, 2012


Looks like it's time to make another Super Cape.

October 23, 2012

I did a guest post yesterday at The Train to Crazy as part of her Handmade Costume Series.  It's a really neat list, so be sure to check it out.


FYI-- The Incredibles post has been viewed 11,397 times as of today.  Wow, that's a lot of people viewing this little post.

But it is second to my Mona Lisa post, which has been viewed 15,565 times.  Crazy.

October 19, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf Costume Tutorial


Here is my last Halloween tutorial all ready for you this morning.
Have you seen the Little Red Riding Hood Cloak tutorial as well?

Well, here's how to make your own Big Bad Wolf.


1. Big Bag Wolf Mask Template printed out
2. Light gray felt
3. Dark gray felt
4. White Felt
5. Black Felt
6. Gray sweatshirt and sweatpants ($3 at Wal-mart)
7. Cotton
8. Elastic

STEP ONE: Print off the Big Bad Wolf Mask Template

Click HERE for pdf.

STEP TWO: Use the template to cut out two wolf masks out of the light gray felt.  
Cut out the wolf shapes and the eyes. 

STEP THREE: Cut out the rest of the wolf pieces using the template.

STEP FOUR: Cut out no-sew adhesive and iron on to wolf mask.  
I did this so I wouldn't have trouble holding everything together while I was sewing it all together.

STEP FIVE: Cut out the bottom of the eye holes on the main wolf piece.

STEP SIX: Cut out little black strips for the back wolf piece. 
Place the top wolf mask piece on top of the back piece.

STEP SEVEN: Measure correct elastic size for your child. 
Place elastic between wolf pieces, pin in place.

STEP EIGHT: Sew around entire wolf, holding everything in place.

The wolf mask is done, onto the rest of the outfit.

STEP NINE: Cut out rectangles for the tail out of the light gray felt.  Then cut out the shape (pictured below) out of the dark gray felt.  Then cut out the tips of the tails using white felt.  
Pin the white tips together and sew the white tips to the rest of the tail.
Then sew the dark gray tail piece to the top tail piece.

STEP TEN: Sew around the entire tail, right sides together.  Stuff tail with a little cotton.

STEP ELEVEN: Sew tail onto sweatpants.

STEP TWELVE: Cut out strips of light gray felt in a zig-zag manner and sew around the bottom of the sweatpants and the bottom of sleeves.

STEP THIRTEEN: Cut out a big tummy piece out of the light gray felt, pin in place, and zig-zag onto sweatshirt top.

STEP FOURTEEN: Cut out knee patches out of the dark gray felt, pin, and sew onto sweatpants bottoms.

All done!

Now this Big Bad Wolf can go scare some creatures in the forest...like Little Red Riding Hood.

You know, he looks awfully tough... 

Just don't bonk him in the head with a plastic ax  or he will go crying to his mommy, then demand to bonk you back.

October 17, 2012

Little Red

Vintage Illustration - Little Red Riding Hood
I saw this print on Etsy the other day and couldn't believe how much it looked like my little one.  Isn't she cute?

October 16, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Cloak Tutorial


As promised here is the Red Riding Hood Tutorial.  This cloak was pretty tricky for me and I spent weeks thinking about it.  Then I spent days cutting paper out, trying to figure out just how I was going to make this work.  But eventually with some luck and guess work I got it.  It turned out just as I had planned.  
Here's how to make your own Little Red Riding Hood Cloak.

1. 1/2 yard Red Costume Fabric (I got glitter Satin)
2. 1/2 yard Lining Fabric (I got Damask Chili Pepper & White)
3. Button
4. Elastic
5. Sewing materials

First we'll start with the cloak or cape.

STEP ONE: Fold your fabric (right sides out) in half, pin selvage together.  Pin down a piece of string at the bottom edge of folded side.  Attach the other side of the string to a pencil or fabric chalk.  Decide how long you want your cloak to be, use the string to guide your circle, that many inches out.  Cut fabric. 
I wanted my cloak to be on the shorter side, so I made mine 18".

STEP TWO: Do the same thing for the top circle.  Measure and cut.
I did mine 3". 

STEP THREE: Repeat for the lining fabric.
Or you can use your already cut out fabric as your guide.

STEP FOUR: With right sides together pin and sew around cape. 
Leave the opening of the cape unsewn.

STEP FIVE:After cape is sewn, clip around all the round edges, so they'll be able to move.
Turn right side out and iron.

Time for the Hood.

STEP SIX: With your fabric on the fold, cut out the hood.
These are the measurements I used.  The longest angle I tried to curve so it wouldn't be so pointy.  But it was still quite pointy.  Try a harder curve at the top, for less point.

STEP SEVEN: Pin each hood together with right sides together, one at a time.  Sew up the longest (curved) side. 

STEP EIGHT: Turn each hood to it's right side and place the lining hood inside the outside hood. Line up the seams. Pin and sew around the sides and front of the hood.

STEP NINE: Push the lining hood into the outside hood and press.

 This next step is tricky.  You need to attach the hood to the cloak.

STEP TEN:Turn hood and clock inside out and pin the outside fabric cloak to the outside fabric hood.  Pin the inside fabric cloak to the inside fabric hood. Leave an opening so you can turn it all right side out at the end.

STEP ELEVEN: Before you sew around, pin in some elastic to be used for the button.  Then sew around making sure you're attaching the hood to the cloak.

STEP TWELVE: Turn everything right side out, through the opening you left.  Hand sew the opening closed.

STEP THIRTEEN: Attach button to the other side of the cloak.

All done!

To Grandmother's house we go. 

Click here to see the Big Bad Wolf tutorial

October 15, 2012


Having a Fabulous Bloggy day today.

First I saw that Ucreate featured my Little Red Riding Hood post this morning = huge.

Then I hopped over to Project Run and Play and saw that I had won the sew along challenge and thus $25 to Sew Fresh Fabrics.

What a nice thing for this pregnant Witch to see this morning!

October 11, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood + Big Bad Wolf + Woodsman

This year for Halloween I decided to do another theme with the cute kids.  I ran the idea of Red Riding Hood, Wolf, and Woodsman past them, and they all agreed it would be really fun.  

Here's what I came up with:

I made the cloak using my own drafted pattern.
Click here for the full tutorial.

For my Big Bad Wolf I was having a little trouble deciding which direction to take, when I found this adorable mask/tail set on Etsy by Little Bit Design Shop. I loved it so much, I quickly decided to use her adorable mask and tail as inspiration for my own little wolfie. (I got her permission). I love how it turned out.  

Click here for the Big Bad Wolf Tutorial.

I really wanted to sew something for my cute woodsman, but it just seemed pretty basic with the flannel shirt ($8- Walmart), Axe ($5- Halloween store) and everything else we already had.  At one point I was planning on sewing him a hat, but them I remembered this really cool one my husband already had.  Oh...and the facial hair was something I had bought years ago in the dollar section of Target.  

Okay, on to the cast of characters.



So what happened to all those cookies in the basket?

The End