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February 26, 2013

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Canvas + free printable

A couple of weeks ago I received a sweet, new product from Mod Podge.  I was so excited to try out their new Mod Podge Photo Transfer medium.

This is a really awesome way to transfer any image from computer paper on to any hard surface or fabric.  If you need an image transferred permanently, this is the way to go!

I decided I wanted to make something to go in my girls' room.  As you know I'm working on the room to add girly, pink elements for my daughters. As I was contemplating what design to add to my canvas I thought of making a print that said, "I am a child of God"-- but then I thought about it more and thought about the fact that I'm making this for my daughters and I thought of the theme, "We are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us and we love him."  I thought that would be more appropriate and dear for my sweet girls.

Excitedly I made this print, which you can print for yourself HERE

Because this medium does the exact reverse of your image I uploaded it into PicMonkey and flipped my image.

Here's how to make your own Mod Podge Photo Transfer Canvas.

1. Print out of your image on plain computer paper from an Inkjet printer (Remember if your image has words to reverse the image.)
2. Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
3. Canvas 
4. Ribbon

STEP ONE:  Gather your materials.
 STEP TWO: Cut out your image to be the exact size of your canvas.

STEP THREE: Cover your entire image with the Photo Transfer Mod Podge.

STEP FOUR: Make sure the entire image is covered about 1/16" thick.  

It needs to be so thick, that you can't see your image.

STEP FIVE: Place the image on top of your canvas.  Smooth it down with your fingers.

STEP SIX: Leave it alone to dry for 24 hours.  Do not touch it.

STEP SEVEN: After 24 hours, it's time to reveal your image.  Take a washcloth or sponge and wet the top of the canvas.  Wipe away the paper and reveal your image underneath.  
Your photo has been transferred.

All done!  Everything's been transferred.  So fun and so easy.

I really loved how it turned out....but I felt like it needed a little more Omph.

So I grabbed some more mod podge (this time the regular gloss kind) and some matching ribbon.

 My last step was to mod podge a ribbon around the edges + front and mod podge everything together to seal it all up.

Now I'm really all done.  Love it!

Looks so lovely in my girls' room.

For More Inspiration on Plaid Products + Mod Podge please visit:
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February 21, 2013

Changing Up the Rocking Chair

Several years ago I inherited a rocking chair, which used to belong to my sister, which used to belong to my mother, which used to belong to my grandma, which used to belong.... who knows where else?

It creaks with each rock and the handles are completely worn down, but I really love it because of all its history.

When I inherited it, it came with a lovely pale blue and light pink pad from the 80's that my Mother had made (wish I a picture of it).  I probably had it about 3 days before I took it all apart, bought some new fabric + buttons and made new pads.  In an effort to be cheap thrifty I even reused her cotton, plus added my own.  I did this when I was expecting my first child.

I picked the color red because I liked it and the blue buttons because it was going to go in a boy's room.

Seven years later it resides in my girls' room and the bright red was offending the rest of the pink room theme.

So last week I gave the pads a makeover.

First thing I did was paint my star buttons.  As you can see above they were navy blue.  I wanted to reuse them so I painted them about 4 or 5 coats of white-- well, white with a teeny bit of red + orange, to match the chair.  Once I was satisfied with all the gobs of paint I had added, I sealed them with Mod Podge Glitter for a girly shine and seal

Then I measured around my existing pads and cut out material to make new pads.  Then I sewed them up, adding ribbons so I could tie them on the chair, and stuffed them with the same cotton as before.

Next I had to decide where the buttons were going to be placed.  I made a little mark on the pad where they ought to go.

You can see below what a big difference adding those buttons does to the pads.  They look so much better with the buttons.  It's not very easy to do, but totally worth it.

For the front buttons, of course, I had the newly painted pink buttons.  For the back I reused buttons I've saved up from my husband's extras short's buttons. 
 For my thread I used super sturdy and thick button thread.

To attach the buttons I first used my hands to divide up the cotton through the pad, then following my marks I attached the button on the back and pulled through to the button in the front using an extra long needle.  This process is very tricky and merits lots of patience as you try to find your way through all the cotton into the other side, blindly into a teeny hole.

But It's worth it.  I love how it turned out and it matches so lovely with all the other pinks in the room.

February 19, 2013

Basil Pesto + Pizza

I made Pesto the other day.  It was so pretty, I just had to photograph it. 

I poured all that in a blender and mixed it up until...

It looked like this:

Then I took that pesto, added heirloom tomatoes and made a gluten free + dairy free pizza with it for my husband.
( The cheese is made of macadamia nuts and pine nuts, plus other non-dairy ingredients.)

Then for the rest of the family I made a gluten + dairy filled pizza for us.  

Both parties raved that it was delicious.

February 15, 2013

How to Make a $1 Baby View Mirror

This is actually my second attempt at a Baby View Mirror.  My last one was a great starting out point...but the design was a little flawed and it didn't hold up over time. The main problem, using hot glue, which came off in the hot sun.  The other problem was using clips that weren't adjustable or flexible.

So I'd been thinking about how to improve this project for a while now (since I've got a newborn in the car again and I want one).  And I've made a new mirror.  Much better, I might add.  I got all the kinks worked out and this one works like a dream.

Here's how to make your own.

1. Dollar Store mirror
2. Fabric
3. Felt
4. Elastic
STEP ONE: Buy a Dollar Store Mirror and clip off the handle.
We were thinking we'd saw it off, but my husband just grabbed some gardening clipper and it came off super easy.

STEP TWO: Trace around mirror to make pattern.  Cut out 4 layers of your fabric. 
Measure how much elastic you'll need and how tight it should be.  Cut it according to your need. 
 It should hold really tight.

STEP THREE: Cut a square out of two of the fabrics.


STEP FOUR: Cut out felt for softness, to be placed between the fabrics. 

STEP FIVE: Place right sides together of fabrics with square cut out of it.  Sew around the inside square.

STEP SIX: Flip right side out and iron down.

STEP SEVEN: Place felt between both fabrics (the one with the square in it and between the other two fabrics).

STEP EIGHT: Place fabrics together with square fabric on top of the other, with elastic placed in all four centers of each side.  Pin in place.  Sew all around, making sure to catch the elastic and double reinforcing it.

STEP NINE: Flip right side out.  Place mirror inside.

STEP TEN: Loop onto your headrest.  All set!

Hello, dear baby!

February 13, 2013

Printable Star Wars Valentines

Yesterday my 1st grader asked what the plan was for making Valentines Day cards.  I told him we were gonna buy some dumb ones, because I didn't feel like making them.  He told me he really wanted to make some star wars cards for his classmates.  I wasn't in the mood...yesterday.

I honestly don't know what changed, but I woke up today feeling like making Valentines Day cards.  I suppose he got the wheels turning and really, that's all it takes. He and I discussed what he'd like on them, and I've been working on them today while he's been at school. Once he gets home he'll address them and get them all ready for school tomorrow.

Here's my project for today:

Here's a look at the cards I made this morning using my son's toys. 

Click HERE for your own free PDF file of this Stars Wars Valentines page.

Here's a closer look.

Once we printed these cards out (printed on photo paper) we thought it'd be really fun to add glow sticks for light sabers.  The cards look great with or without the glow sticks. But we already had them on hand, so I thought, why not?

Once my boy got home he ran in to meet me, so excited asking, "Did you get my cards ready?  Can I see them?"  He was so thrilled with them.

After his homework I had him get them all ready. He carefully choose who should get each card.  He mostly gave all the girls the Luke Skywalker cards, because he thought they would like the "love" one with the handsome boy on it-- ha, ha.
I used the exacto knife to make the slits in the cards for the glow sticks.  I also put the sticks in, since we didn't want them to pop. He added the glow stick holders.

And for those none light sabers guys, we just added the sticks in the corners.  

All bagged up and ready to go.  He was super excited to go to school tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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