Freshly Featured Friday # 4

Today I'll be featuring the blog

I picked her from my list here:

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1. I always start at the begining.  Heading Straight for the About section. Here you'll read about Julie and how she likes to cook and bake.

Shortly after I was visiting her site and looking around I noted that she hasn't been a blogger too long. But she's got a great following and a great blog put together.

2. I actually first discovered White Lights on Wednesday a couple weeks ago. I found her blog via another linking party when I saw this post on "Getting the Blog Organized"  . Goodness knows I could use some blog organization in my life.

3. After my first visit to Julie's blog I linked up my craft.  I didn't even realize it was her first linking party ever.  The next week I was featured.  Wha-hoo.

This week I was back to link two more of my projects.

4. As I was looking around her site I just had to click on her "Yumminess" button to check out all her recipes.  

5. And my last thing I check out was her most popular post.

She has a super yummy looking recipe for knock-off Thin Mints.  Have to try this.

Be sure to visit White Lights on Wednesday. And show some love.


Julie E said…
This is the coolest feature I've ever had! Thanks so much for choosing me. I'll be sharing your post on my blog and FB tonight when I get home.

I'm glad you liked your visit. I love having you for my link party too. :)

Have a great day!

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