Freshly Featured Friday # 1

Remember how I explained about Freshly Featured Friday?

Well, the time has come to do my first feature and I'm So excited.

I really picked a whopper of a blog to feature first.

This was one of the first blogs I ever followed--Ever! This was back when I just saved the blogs I liked, in a favorite folder on my internet explorer and I would just click on each site every day.

I think I've been reading her posts daily since 2009-- WOW that's a lot of reading and creative inspiration.

Grab a Freshly Featured Button.


1. U Create is an Amazing resource for Any and Everything you could ever want to create, from sewing, to holidays, to quilting, to parties, to home crafts it's all there. 

She takes the best of what's on the web and puts it all together on her site.

2. She has every post categorized into sections so it's easy to find just what you're looking for.

Right before my baby girl was born I spent hours just looking at all the baby girl ideas.  There were many cute dresses and head bows and burp cloths. I saved a lot of her recommendations and founds lots of new blogs to follow thanks to her.

3. She encourages her readers to submit their ideas.

Which, of course I did...who could forget when she posted about my Incredibles Costume.  According to my blog I've received over 700 post views coming directly from her site to mine.  Which gave me an amazing amount of exposure.

4. She shares adorable ideas and crafts just for kids.  Love these ideas.

5. She also has an entire section for parties.  Every type of party-- birthday, Superbowl, Chinese new year...etc. Check out this post on an Angry Birds Birthday Party. So fun!

So, these are a Few of the reason why I LOVE this blog!!  
Please visit her site and dream up something exciting to create!


Kari Sweeten said…
Allison! What a fun surprise this morning! Thank you for being a fan and for this fun write up....and thank you for sharing your creative ideas with us!!
Becky Marie said…
How fun to see Ucreate featured here today. {I am the Ucreate with Kids gal}. You are too nice!

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