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April 27, 2012

Freshly Featured Friday # 6

Today I'm featuring the blog

Embracing Messy

Chosen at random from my list of followers here:

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1. First things first-- Who is behind Embracing Messy.  Isn't that a fun name?
I'll admit I was curious to find she has an obsession with mason jars.  A rare thing, I'd say.

2. Over on the side of her blog you'll see a fun Tutorial Section.  Where she shares all her tutorials.

3. One of her tutorials there was this for the Tiered Mason Jar Vase

Ah-hah, a use for those mason jars that she's obsessed with.  How cute.

4. Under that you'll have to check out her printables.  I really enjoyed her free Printable: Weekly blog Planner.  Goodness knows I could use that.

5. And lastly while snooping around I saw this really cute Headband tutorial. Looks just darling and easy to make.

Be sure to check out Embracing Messy and embrace your messy, creative side.

April 26, 2012

KCWC- Day 3

I really like doing these simple 1-hour projects.  Sometimes I have trouble starting my sewing projects because I have serious trouble walking away once I've gotten started.

Which can be a problem when you've got three small children or have to do important things like making dinner-- eh.

But allowing myself one hour only is very swell and allows time for all that other very important things I should be doing each day.

I enjoyed making my shorts so much for day 2, that I decided to make some more on day 3.

I only had a teeny bit of fabric, but I really wanted to use it because I knew it would look so cute. 

It's left over from my Quiet book.

You can see it here on the barn:

Here's a super basic, How To cut out Simple shorts.

You can see there wasn't much room so these shorts were going to be small.

So this is how to cut out your shorts.

I'm still putting together that Tutorial on how to fully make shorts.

But I did make these shorts different than the other ones.

Here's the two things I really like about the shorts:

You can see they're a lot smaller here.

It's okay, I've got good plans for them (giving them to my friend with the cutest little daughter).

April 25, 2012

Simple shorts with darling Pockets.

Day one of sewing for KCWC was...um...a disaster....pretty much lots of work with no yield.

I was frustrated and at the end of my hour had nothing to show for it. (I might show you what I was attempting later-- when I'm done being grumpy at it).

Day Two for KCWC was Lovely. 

And I was reenergized to start over and follow a little more of a plan.

So I made up a pattern for--

The pockets really make the shorts in my opinion.

Here's sister trying 'em on.

Ever try to take a nice picture of a one year old?

Not too easy. She's always busy, busy, busy.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting a tutorial on these darling shorts soon.

April 24, 2012

Spring Swap

Do you read Sewing in No Mans Land?  Such a lovely blog!
She announced a Spring Swap yesterday.

I decided it'd be super fun to join.

My three words? Fresh, Sweet, and Awesome

Does that make it hard to narrow down?

April 23, 2012

Let's get Sewing.

Did you know This starts today?  I first learned about it via MADE.

big button for kids clothes week challenge

I've excitedly just joined the party.  You need to commit to do one hour of sewing for the next 7 days (I'll probably be able to manage 6-- but that counts, right?  I'll do extra today.) Then you share you project on her Flickr page found here.

Now the question is which project to work on....so many to choose from.

April 19, 2012

Do you See what I see?

Have you seen U Create this morning?

SO thrilled to be a guest blogger there today.

She's featuring my DIY Velcro bow tie Refashion.

April 18, 2012

The Reversible Round UP!

This might seem random but I'm in the mood to do some sewing projects that are Reversible.

While I was looking for some inspiration I decided to make a Round Up!

So I give you....

Here's a super cute reversible summer tunic by Sewing in No Man's Land. Isn't everything she does adorable?

Here's a cute little reversible top featured at U Create.

Ooh, love this skirt by You and Mie.

Here's a tutorial from-- ME on how to make reversible Superhero Capes.

Here's an adorable bag by Very Purple Person
She even includes a pattern to download at the bottom.
A reversible bag!

Here's a reversible sling bag from Crap I've Made.

Here's an awesome reversible purse from Moda Bake Shop.

Here's a how-to for these reversible hats from Martha Stewart.

Who ever thought of making Coasters?  The Split Stitch did. 

That's my round up-- Now what's up first?

April 16, 2012


Question for ya...

This is my 2nd attempt at the Sunny Shirred dress that I mentioned last week.

This time it turned out Just Perfect, just as I had planned!

I've got big plans for this dress.

I'm planning to...

wait for it...

let the suspense build...

Turn it into a purchasable/downloadable pattern that You can buy.

Thrilling, right?

I've recently discovered that making dress patterns is a Lot of work.

But it's been fun, too.

You'll be seeing patterns soon in the Etsy Shop.

April 13, 2012

Freshly Featured Friday # 5

Today I'm be Featuring the blog

While I was clicking through my pictures looking for my next follower to visit, I saw this picture which really stood out-- so I had to click on it.  Low and behold it was Homemaker on a dime-- a fabulous blog that I visit all the time!

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1. You know I have to start at the very beginning-- who is behind Homemaker?

 Doesn't she seem extremely sweet?

2. One of the biggest reasons I'm visiting Homemaker on a Dime all the time is to take part in her Bloggers' Party & Hop.  I love linking up my creations as well as seeing all the other creative things others are making. I love how she encourages the bloggers to get to know each other, too.

3. The other reason why I LOVE this blog is because she's so positive, upbeat, and Helpful!  Here you'll find a helpful post about decorating your home. Her posts are so well thought out and nicely stated.

4. While vising the blogs when I'm on my "FFF" tour I love to click on their most popular posts.

Click here to see this post on her Divine Roses made out of silk fabric.  Wow, who knew you could make these beautiful flowers?

5. While I happily looking around her site I noticed a button I had never seen before.

What? How have I never noticed this Creative DIYers Club button?  She has a Whole other blog. Here is her other blog where she features the best do-it- yourself projects all in one place.

Here you'll find posts like this one for the piano repaint where she talks about it and links back to the creator.

Wow, two fantastic blogs.

Please be sure to visit Homemaker on a Dime