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March 30, 2012

Freshly Featured Friday # 4

Today I'll be featuring the blog

I picked her from my list here:

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1. I always start at the begining.  Heading Straight for the About section. Here you'll read about Julie and how she likes to cook and bake.

Shortly after I was visiting her site and looking around I noted that she hasn't been a blogger too long. But she's got a great following and a great blog put together.

2. I actually first discovered White Lights on Wednesday a couple weeks ago. I found her blog via another linking party when I saw this post on "Getting the Blog Organized"  . Goodness knows I could use some blog organization in my life.

3. After my first visit to Julie's blog I linked up my craft.  I didn't even realize it was her first linking party ever.  The next week I was featured.  Wha-hoo.

This week I was back to link two more of my projects.

4. As I was looking around her site I just had to click on her "Yumminess" button to check out all her recipes.  

5. And my last thing I check out was her most popular post.

She has a super yummy looking recipe for knock-off Thin Mints.  Have to try this.

Be sure to visit White Lights on Wednesday. And show some love.

March 27, 2012

Lemon and Lime

I was contacted a couple weeks ago through the shop, to make these lemon and lime paintings.

They are on 4 x 6 canvases. I love the way they turned out!

Since they're painted in oil they still need several more days to dry before they're sent on their way to their new home.

March 26, 2012

General Conference Activity Round-Up

Click HERE for the newest round-up.

We're excitedly getting ready for General Conference this weekend.  It's a wonderful chance for the family to be together and listen to the words of the Prophet.

We love conference, but some times we need a little extra entertainment for the little ones so we can pay attention.  As I looked around the WWW I found Tons of inspiration and cute ideas for the kiddos.

Thus, my round-up.

My three year old is sitting next to me literally slurping his lips, wishing I would get him buckets of candy.  Go check out this General Conference Treat Buckets by Brown Paper Packages.

It would be fun to play Conference Jenga by Little LDS Ideas.


There's lot of bingo games out there, this one sure looks colorful. Conference Bingo by LDS Handouts.

This would be a bit of work to prepare, but how fun to pick out bags to choose from during each speaker's talk. Conference Baggies found on Sugar Doodle

Oopsey Daisy shows a couple of really cute games she made for her young children.  I really liked her Sticker Idea.


Sharing Ideas is Fun to Do shares this Journal for young kids.

Here's a cute idea for Temple Sewing Cards from A Little Tipsy.


Here's a couple more Great Resources (in pdf Files)!

March 23, 2012

Freshly Featured Friday # 3

Today I'll be featuring the blog

I picked her from my list here.

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1. I always like to visit new blogs and head straight for the "about me" section. On The Ellie Life Blog you'll see an "US" button.  There you'll learn about her and her cute family.  This smart girl is only 15!  Wow, what were you doing when you were 15?

2. The Ellie Life blog is a place for young people to come to feel inspired and lifted up.  She writeslots of posts that are very encouraging and uplifting. I read somewhere that this blog is geared towards young woman ages 13-19.

3. She has an advice section at the top of her blog where you can write to her and she'll write you back within 24 hours.  Check this out, she specializes in "body-image issues, coping, heartache, love, life, dreams, & high school drama. "

4. She just launched Speak Now , a new website. Wow!  You must go check it out!

5. She explains her new website here. It looks like a beautiful place for young women to share their thoughts and collaborate together in a positive way.


Be sure to visit The Ellie Life and feel Uplifted!

March 20, 2012

Don't Eat Peeta! -- A Hunger Games Printable Game.


I made a game yesterday.

I used the program paint.

What possessed me?

I thought it'd be fun. 

We played "Don't Eat Pete", yesterday as a family for Family Night.

That got the wheels turning-- What if I made my own version?

Pete sounds like Peeta.

I'm really excited for the movie to come out.

I really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games.

Want to play the game yourself?

It's really easy.

Just print this out.  
Click HERE for the free Pdf file.

Here's a picture a little bigger so you can see who everyone is.

I think this move is really important.

Little fingers, grabbing treats, slobbering-- it's easy to mess your game up.  But in a protective sleeve?  You can wipe it right up.

Do you know how to play "Don't Eat Peeta"?

Here's the easy directions.

Who ever has eaten the most treats wins?!
 I'm not really sure that there is a winner, but it is fun to play.

March 19, 2012

Eating' like we're at Cafe Rio


 Welp, I did it.

I said I would.

I made a Cafe Rio-ish dinner.

And guess what?


It was yummy day 1, day 2, day 3, and probably when I eat what's left of it on day 4.
 (It made a lot and I have a little family).

I found this recipe from One Good Thing via Chef in Training.

Two things I changed.

1. We used this.  

Even though I had to buy a 12-pack of caffeine free coke for $5 and was annoyed at it (instead of the $0.48 Big K with caffeine, off-brand coke)
-- I'm glad I did.
We're a non-drinkin' caffeine family-- why start now?

2. And where as I did add these little gross things as the recipe stated:
Next time I'm making this, I'm definitely skipping the chilies.  Blah.  Both me and husband do not enjoy these.

This recipe made a lot (plus we bought a 4 pound pork, not the 2 pounds) and it was so good day after day. 
Day 1 we had it in burritos, day 2: salad, day 3: salad and burritos.  It's so good.  The only difference as far as I was concerned was more or less lettuce and whether it was wrapped in a tortilla or not.

And I will say the Cilantro lime rice and the Creamy Tomatillo Dressing were Super delicious.  And the black beans from a can surprisingly helped pull the meal together.

Here's a picture of our yummy salad and what we put on it.

Yes, Mother I put Kale in it.  

My mom and sisters have been in this crazy kale kick.

I wanted to join the club and have started putting kale in random foods-- like coke-soaked pork salads.

March 16, 2012

Freshly Featured Friday # 2

Wow, Freshly Featured Friday #1 was so much fun! 

Today I'm so excited to be featuring someone new.

This time I picked on a photo at random from my followers list

 and was lead to the blog My Oatmeal Kisses.

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1. Since My Oatmeal Kisses was a new blog to me, I first wanted to know who was the creator behind this darling blog.  Enter= Kate.  It's always nice to see who the author is. I thought it was great that Kate used to be a Kindergarten teacher and now stays at home teaching her two cute kids.

2. The first thing I was drawn to while visiting her blog was her Themes and Units button located at the top of her blog. I was so impressed when I clicked on it and saw several themes all put together with varying topics and lessons age appropriate for little kiddos.

3. I stayed there and clicked on the Zoo Animals theme and was lead to a wonderful lesson on where zoo animals come from.

4. On the side of her blog she has a list of popular posts so I decided to check out her most popular post.  This brought me to a post about quiet time boxes. Wow, I can really tell a lot of love and creativity went into creating those boxes. At the bottom of the post she mentions some great guidelines and ideas to making the quiet boxes a success.

5. Next I just had to check out her lesson on Chicka, Chicka Boom, Boom.  What preschooler doesn't love that book? Wow, they made their own Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom tree.  How adorable...and tasty!

Be sure to check out My Oatmeal Kisses.  What a fun, educational blog.