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May 28, 2013

The June Bug Dress

Funnest thing ever-- last week I got the opportunity to test out Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional's new unreleased pattern for her June Bug Dress.  She's still working out the kinks-- but it should be released for purchase coming up in June.

My thoughts?

I loved it!  

I made the dress in size 2 T, even though my girl's over 2 1/2, she's quite teeny.  The fit was perfect!

And there was two things I changed up.  I added some pipping (left over from my pillows) and decided to length the hem by adding another layer, instead of sewing it up shorter.  If I would have sewed it as directed the dress probably would have been right at her knees or a little above them.  I sort of like her dresses a little bit longer than that.

Over all I thought it was a fantastic pattern, really fun and easy to sew.

After I was all done I took my girl out to the Courthouse to try to get some cute pictures.

It was a very breezy day, to day the least.  And the sun kept hiding behind the clouds, which made it pretty chilly.  So, we tried to keep the shoot brief.

 In the picture above my girl wanted to go see that big black bat...ha, ha.

I really liked this picture below, but darn it if my camera setting were all off.
Still figuring out how to use my camera...

I tried to take a few more photos but she was getting too cold.  Can you tell?

So we hoped inside to take a look inside the courthouse.  It was beautiful...

But I couldn't get that great of lighting.

So we came home.  However, during that eight minute drive home the sun came out and the day magically warmed up.  Isn't that how it goes?

So we came outside to inspect our garden and I decided to snap a few more pictures of her being cute in her new dress. 

 Again, loved this pattern and I'm excited for it's release coming soon.

Please check with CINO for more.

May 21, 2013

The Bib Mat


Bibs made out of dish towels are my absolute favorite.  Mostly I love them because little kiddos can't take them off (too easily).  I also love that they're super large and can catch all the little crumbs and protect the clothing underneath.  We always like our bibs to stay up, on top of the table, instead of tucked down in.  This helps so all the crumbs aren't falling down on the lap.

I was just getting ready to make some new bibs when I saw this post from Made.  She turned some vintage place mats into bibs.  Fabulous idea and she has a great tutorial for you to follow.

I grabbed a set of four bibs from Target and some ribbing from JoAnns.

I took her pattern and enlarged it for my sweetie's larger head.  Basically you just want to make sure your cut out fits over baby's head, to get the correct size.

Then I cut out my ribbing and sewed them onto my dish towels

It was a really quick, easy project.  And if you have a messy eater, I highly recommend them!

As we were sitting together for lunch, my husband was commenting how these towels are a lot larger than the last ones I made.  He told me, "It looks like a bib place mat-- like a bib mat."  Thus the name was born.  And, yes, he wants full credit for the name.

Before Lunch.  Yum, yum. 

After, crumbs perfectly captured. 

May 20, 2013

My Sweet Garden

One month ago we planted a garden.  It was so lovely to explain this gardening concept to our children.  They, of course loved it and it was so fun for each member of the family to do their part.

One week later it began to poke up and show it's little planty heads.

Then my dear husband built me two garden boxes.  I love them.

Last week our little sprouts were ready to plant.

So what have we got in there?

As you can see we still have a few things left to plant.  We also got that blue box from my son's school.  His class was doing a plant unit and asked for volunteers to take the seeds home.  We volunteered and are excited to add them to our garden.

And to my utter joy yesterday I was able to go out and pick fresh cilantro for dinner.

 Ahh, garden, you will be enjoyed immensely.

May 15, 2013

Aidell's Sausage Fresh Stir fry w/ freshly grilled Pineapple.

I was walking around the grocery store last week, perusing the meat department when I came across one of our favorite sausages and to my utter surprise I learned they were Gluten Free.  We have purchased Aidells Sausages in our former eating life all the time because they were delicious-- and to learn that they're also something my husband can eat scores them Major Points. 

Last week I made up a recipe that turned out super tasty for dinner.

First I started with some Fresh Pineapple.  I had decided I wanted to make some grilled pineapple and I wanted it to look all fancy with the core cut out of the middle.  I was contemplating how to achieve this when I thought of this really cool kitchen gadget I have.  It's a biscuit/donut cutter that my husband bought me a few years ago.  I occurred to me that if I popped out the donut portion, I could use it to core my pineapple.  Worked like a charm.

I followed this recipe for my grilled pineapple.  But I used coconut oil (instead of butter to make it GF), which I thought would be really brilliant-- except that I didn't take into account that once I put my mixture into the fridge, the coconut oil would quickly solidify and not really adhere to the pineapple.

That's okay, it still worked and turned out yummy!  I cooked it on our George Foreman Grill.

For my Stir fry I first cooked all my vegetables in coconut oil, rice vinegar and teriyaki sauce.

Then I cut up and cooked the sausages.

Mixed it all together and it made for a super tasty meal.

Click HERE for the Printable recipe.

Aidell's Sausage Fresh Stir fry
Original recipe from Freshly Completed

1 cup cooked rice
2  TBS. Coconut Oil
3 cloves of garlic minced
1 chopped yellow pepper
1 cup Mushrooms chopped
1 cup Broccoli, chopped
1 small purple onion, chopped
2 TBS. (GF) Rice Vinegar
1 – 3 links of Aidells  Pineapple & Bacon Sausages, sliced

Cook 1 cup of rice. Chop up all vegetables and stir fry in fry pan until vegetables begin to soften (about 7 minutes).   Add cooked rice, rice vinegar, and teriyaki sauce to vegetables and stir for about 2 minutes longer.  Removed vegetable stir fry from pan and set aside.  Cook, sliced Aidells Sausages in pan until beginning to brown (about 5 minutes) stirring as needed.  Return vegetables to pan and continue to cook all together, stirring, until warmed.  Serve immediately.

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May 13, 2013

The Silhouette Portrait Present

This year for Mother's day my siblings and I worked together to make a group project.  We started several weeks ago and bounced around a few ideas of getting our pictures put in a frame for my Mother. 

 Then one day I was snopping around Pinterest when I saw THIS card from Mr. Boddington's Studio.  I loved it and it inspired our next project.

I checked with all the siblings and they all agreed this would make an excellent gift for my mother.

Here's how we did it:
1st everyone sent their photo (taken against a white wall) to my sister who's a Pro at using Photoshop.  She took all our photos and made them into darling silhouettes-- and even added lovely falsy lashes (bless her).

If you don't have photoshop (or don't know how to use it, like me) you can visit this Blog.  She explains how to make silhouettes using the free program ipiccy.  I made this quick silhouette using ipiccy just to see if I could do it, using a picture of my cute son.

Once my sister had turned all our photos into silhouettes she sent them to me.  I put them all together and added the words, "You are well loved".

After I made the file, I uploaded it online sent it 5 states away to be printed right next to my Sister's house using FedEx.  She picked it up and found this cute frame.  Then she put everything together and some of my siblings got together and gave it to my mother for Mother's Day.

This project turned out so cute and it was so fun working all together, though some of us live far away from each other.

And my mother LOVED it.  

She loves bright colors and she was so surprised to have this sweet, colorful gift from all her children.

May 9, 2013

How to make the Easiest Hairbow Holder

My 2 1/2 year old daughter is finally getting some hair on top of her cute head and after all this time I'm having so much fun doing her hair each day and putting cute little bows on her.  However my former place for all her bows was jumbled up inside an empty Tupperware container.  This wasn't working.

I know there are tons of ideas for cute hair bow holders (I've seen everything from picture frames, to chicken wire, to lamps, and ballerina skirts), but I wanted to devote five minutes to this activity, spend no money, while still making it still cute and functional.

Mission Accomplished.

So, last Saturday while I had time set aside for cleaning the toilets...I quickly distracted myself with this fun, quick solution to my hair bow problems.

1. Hanger
2. Ribbon or Bling on a Roll
3. Hot Glue
4. Bows

STEP ONE: Grab a hanger with a straight bottom part.  
This was a hanger I got when my daughter was first born.  It held a cute snugly blankey on it and I'd been using it for dresses, it awkwardly did the job.

STEP TWO: About a month ago I was given lots of Bling on a Roll, which works perfect for this project because it's sturdy, cute, and shiny  But a sturdy ribbon would work, too.  Cut your ribbon to desired length. Cut three or four strips as needed.
See my other Bling on a Roll project Here.

STEP THREE:  Heat up hot glue gun and prepare your work space.  Place ribbon under the hanger.
I choose to work in the bathroom because I was trying to be speedy.  I placed a paper towel under everything.

STEP FOUR:   Place hot glue on underside of ribbon.

STEP FIVE:  Quickly press the top of ribbon down and allow to cool.  Repeat for other ribbons.

Done.  Start to finish 2 minutes flat (even less time than I had set aside).

Last thing you need to do is add your bows and elastics.

Ahhh, now I know just what bow to grab so I can color coordinate. 
 Simple, functional things make me happy.