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October 30, 2017

Star Wars Family Costumes

The idea for these costumes actually began last year.  We had a cute little baby and I thought, wouldn't it be so cute to dress him up as an Ewok?  

We almost did, but then my husband said, "Why don't we go crazy next year and dress the family up as Star Wars characters.  By then he can walk on his own.  I think it will work better."  
Well, it didn't take much convincing.  It was a plan!

So, one year later.  I got busy.  I started drawing out designs and gathering clothes from Goodwill and fabric from JoAnns in late August.  I didn't want to be rushed and going crazy, like I usually do, so I figured if I got an early start-- that would help with the sewing mayhem.  I finished exactly one week ago, so I guess there is something to this "don't procrastinate thing"!

Now, as if you can't tell, let me introduce the characters.

Up First,

I was really worried about this costume.  And really, this was the last one I completed.  I think because I was so worried about it, I thought it over for months and actually when it came to execution, it all came together rather quickly.

The body is made from 2 1/2 yards of brown fur from JoAnns. It's basically a hooded bodysuit, which Velcros in the front.  Plus I made little foot covers, that go over the shoes.

 I made the sash/bag thing from (fake)leather, and decided last minute (thanks to husband's suggestion) to make the bag actually functional so he can get his loot right in there. My son helped me pick out wood scraps and paint them silver and I hot glued them to the shoulder strap.

We ended up buying him an early birthday present, the Wookie Mask, which is super fun, with all the crazy growls it makes.  Then we picked up some cheap black knit gloves.

When he has his mask off he feels all snuggly like a little bear. 
 Maybe next year he can be Big Foot! 

Up Next, the reason for all the costumes-- 

This Ewok costume was super simple.  I just took our little monkey costume, which has been worn by four different kids now, pinned up the tail, pinch in the ears, and added a flannel orange hood, with some leather/button details. 

I also last minute, decided to make a spear out of a stick, which served a great purpose, distracting him from how much he hates having that hood on!

Wicket and  Princess Leia. 

Wicket and Han.

 Han Solo and Princess Leia

Han is wearing blue pants, which he owned with red electrical tape down the side, a white Henley from Goodwill, and a Black Vest, which I sewed.  He was kind of sad I didn't make a cool holster-- sorry, dear -- next time.

All I did for myself, Princess Leia from Endor, was sew a green hooded poncho/shirt thing out of comfy fleece, which I pretended was more camo than it actually is.  I put a yellow electrical tape strip down my pants and I tried hard to fancy braid my hair, but this is as good as it gets. 

Obi Wan Kenobi
 is next!

I took some really good ideas from Delia Creates for this outfit. I used her tutorial to make the cloak and the white vest. Under everything else he's wearing a white shirt and some khaki pants. 

This boy had to have a blue light saber, so he used his own money to buy one, because "everyone knows Obi Wan uses a blue light saber."  Apparently the green or red one we had would not cut it.
 I used a little editing magic to make it glow.

 Now we've got this cutie, 

She's so cute.  

Her outfit was simply made with a white T-shirt, brown pants from Goodwill, a long strap of brown cotton fabric, which I tore into long strips, gathered in a few places, safety pinned to the shoulders, and tied a belt around.  

I had some issues with the arm straps.  First, I started with cotton straps, but those wouldn't stay.  Eventually I tried an ace bandage, which worked much better, and was comfortable for her-- except when they slipped down.

She was a bit worried that her hair was blond, and not brown, but I somehow convinced her, that it would still work.  Her hair style really makes the outfit!

And last, but certainly, not least:


And, no, ha, I didn't tell her what faces to make.  This is Alllll her!

For Yoda's hat I sewed up the Cozy Winter Hood from the Little Things to Sew book by Oliver + S. 
I added Yoda ears to the side. I ended up filling them with a little cotton on bottom, and a one pipe cleaner, folded in half, on top.  That gave the ears great shape.  She can even bend them to "hear better".  The idea of "white hairs sticking out" was her idea.

She's also wearing brown clothes from Goodwill and a brown cloak that I sewed in the same manner as the Obi Wan cloak. Last minute, we also added some green, knit gloves.

And that's everyone!

Now on to some fun pictures of everyone playing around.

Wow, Chewy, you're so tall!

Guys, don't fight, you're on the same team!

Bad, chewy!

This year was so much fun to sew!  Lots of work, but really a blast.  
For inquiring minds, I did all our costumes for just under $90.  Not bad!

The Force is Strong with these ones.

October 26, 2017

Our Family Costumes of the Past

Halloween is coming!

I remember Halloween being very exciting as a kid, because of all the obvious reasons you gets lots of candy, get to dress up, and have a fun/silly night with family and friends.  
What's not to love?

When I was young, I remember about four years in a row I was a witch, sometimes with a green face, sometimes with Christmas ornaments hanging from my hat and costume (Christmas witch).  

But a good time was always had!

When I was 12 I did my last around the neighborhood Trick-or-Treating.  My Friend had Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes, which we thought were fun...though we were worried, that perhaps we were getting too old for this.

I pretty much ignored Halloween after this.  
One year in college, I think I dressed up at Bam-Bam.  

When I was a teacher, my husband practically forced me to dress up, and I half-heartedly wore a "farmer" outfit with my overalls and a flannel.  The next year I wore a "bunny" costume, wearing pink clothes, and a fluffy tail and pink nose.

I really didn't get into Halloween until my first born was big enough to wear a costume.  I don't think it ever even occurred to me that some people actually buy costumes.  
My Go-TO has always been, What do I want to sew?

Once my oldest could walk I decided to go with Harry Potter.  He looked so adorable and got a huge reaction from people we saw on the street.

I sewed the Cloak.

That next year he was older and absolutely LOVED Toy Story, I asked him what he wanted to play dress up in.  That was an easy one, so of course we went with Sheriff Woody.

I sewed the button-up shirt and vest.

I'm not even sure when this idea came to me. But I asked Husband if he was on board with doing our first Family Theme this year of The Incredibles.  
And it turned out to be such a blast! 
People would ask us, "Where's Violet?"  
And we'd smile and say, "She's here.  She's invisible, right next to us."

I Bought the red clothes, then sewed on the i's, and the felt underwear things.  
It was actually really easy.

I had a one-month old baby, so I was looking for simple.  
This year we had a polar bear (wearing a baby snow suit), a Monkey, and Iron Man.

I took the red clothes from the year before, changed the felt on the front and made Iron Man.

We decided this year to team up with the kids.  

I sewed the felt tie and the letters for Curious George.

And a pair with Mary and her Little Lamb.

I sewed the pinafore and sized down the white dress.

I had so much fun sewing these cute outfits for the Woodsman, The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.  The kids were so adorable.  I definitely love themed Halloween costumes Best!

I sewed the wolf mask and sewed on felt wolf details onto sweats.  I sewed the red cloak. 

This year I was pregnant again and tapped on a 5 minute cut out felt, white # 8, and made myself a Magic 8 ball. 

I let the kids chose.  The boys were really into X-men, so they chose Cyclops and Wolverine
I sewed some yellow binding to the gray sweats and made the belts.
I used fabric paint to paint this yellow shirt with blue accents and made the wolverine claws out of felt.

 And my cutie decided to be a spooky Bat.

I sewed up the hat and wings.

This year we decided to go back to a family theme and be The Pirates of the Caribbean
This was so fun.  We loved watching the movies together and being Pirates.

I sewed 5 vests (and a billion buttons), added felt to the hats, and sewed lots of fabric waist belts.


Back to a little bit of everything.  We had Harry Potter, Batman, a Skeleton, and Elsa. 

For Harry Potter I sewed the cloak,crocheted his scarf and made his patch. I sewed Batman's cape and added Dark Night details to his black clothes.  I used fabric paint and painted all of the Skeleton's bones.  For Elsa, I sewed a cute cape and some long sleeves.

Last year we let everyone pick their own thing. 
 We had a Vampire, a Ninja, a Peacock, Princess Rapunzel, and baby Where's Waldo!

I sewed up the peacock costume with knit fabric, paint, and cardboard, I added all the ninja details to black sweats, I changed the Harry Potter robe into a Vampire Cloak. I sewed the Waldo fat out of fleece, and added flower details to Rapunzel's long hair.

Ah, that was a fun look back at all our Halloween Costumes of the Past!

I finished sewing this year's costumes on Monday.
It's a Family Theme!

Can't wait to show you!  
May the Force be with you until then!