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October 31, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013: X-Men Edition

Happy Halloween, everyone!

As promised the boys got to be what they wanted this year for Halloween.

This little guy chose first to be:

Consequently this guy decided he would be:

And our adventure begins.

The humans are protected for one more day.

These outfits were made from shirts/sweats/fabric paint and felt.

Tutorial on how to make the claws here.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Hope it's sunny and warm.  Our Halloween has been rained out--- which means the whole city is going to do their trick-or-treating tomorrow.  Crazy, huh?

October 30, 2013

Halloween Costume 2013: What does the Bat say?

I finished up all the costumes yesterday.  
Yes, two days early-- score.

Up first:

"Oh, NO.  What's that black thing?"
  "I think I see something flying super fast in the woods."

"Yikes!  It's a bat!"

"I hope it's friendly.  'Cause here it comes."

 " Yes, Bat-Bat, we are scared."

"Hey, Bat-Bat, what's that you've found-- a rolly-polly on your Jack-O-Lantern?"

"Oh, you really love rolly-pollys."

Here's the DEAL with Halloween.  This year I promised my husband I would have no say in what the kids were going to be for Halloween.  Pretty much every other year I've dictated suggested what everyone should wear and of course, having themes I think is awesome.  But this year we decided to go theme-less and just follow the kid's lead.

This girl came up with 20+ ideas.  Eventually she landed on a scary bat, named Bat-Bat.  Her last suggestion was Spiderman, which I quickly vetoed. 

But a cute scary bat?  Yes, I could do that.

I had remembered Dana from Made's post that they did two years ago and made the wings very similar to hers.

Then using my Little Things to Sew book, fixed up a cute scary hat from the cozy winter hood pattern.

Here's some of the changes I made:

My cute little bat is super happy with it all.  I made the hood out of super soft fabric from Jo-Anns.  She loves how "cozy" it is.  This girl loves pretend and I'm sure this outfit is going to be worn often--which makes this sewing Mama happy.

October 28, 2013

Almost done.

Any procrastinators out there like me?

Usually I'm pretty on top of the ball when it comes to Halloween.  I get all excited and start planning things in September and start my shopping + sewing in early October.  Last year I was totally done with 2 weeks to spare.

This year?  Not so much.

I've been bussy.  And throw in a quick trip out of the state and I just don't have the time I wish I did to sit around, make messes, and sew all day.

So that means right now I'm working on Crunch Time.

But the good news is I finished costume 1 this morning.

Here's a sneak peak:

More details on this, later.

Outfit 2 is almost done.

Outfit 3? Needs a lot of work.

Outfit 4 (aka for my baby)...a hand-me-down from sister.  So I guess she's done, too.


Tomorrow's our first party, so off to sewing I go.

BTW-- I am now a regular, monthly contributor for the site: The Inspiration Network.  It is run by 30 talented blogger where they share all kinds of cooking, sewing, and crafting ideas.  A great site for inspiration.  My kind of blog.

Check out my first post here
(Which you may remember from last year.)

October 15, 2013

A Gentleman's Bow Tie -- Looking for TESTERS!!

Hello all you bow tie wearing people.

I'm looking for pattern testers for my latest printable pattern.

As you may have noticed I've made a Lot of bow ties over the years and I really enjoy sewing them up.  I made a very specific bow tie, years ago and have been working on the pattern ever since to give it just the right look.

Now I've got it down PAT and I love it.

This truly is a gentleman's bow tie, with a looped bow and a double layer in the back.  

I've got my pattern all completed and am looking for pattern testers so I can make sure the pattern is all polished and ready to sell, soon.

 If you are interested and can complete a bow tie by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25, please email me at
allisonallsop at gmail dot com
And please let me know if you're interested in sewing up a Small (0-12 months), Medium (12 months to 4t) or Large ( 5 to adult).


October 9, 2013

Easy Sewn Wolverine Claws + Pattern

Hello, Folks.

We're slowly getting Halloween ready in this home.  This guy decided months ago that he wanted to be Wolverine.  I don't know why, but the idea has stuck so we're going with it.  Two days ago he asked me when I was going to start on his costume-- and could I pleeeeeease do the claws first?

Well, I spent a little while thinking things out as I always do and was inspired by these claws found on Ebay.  Then using the felt I already had on hand I made up some easy sewn wolverine claws.

Here's how I did it:

1.  Gray felt
2. Dark Blue felt
3. Hot Glue
4. Cotton
5. Printed out Wolverine Claw Pattern

STEP ONE:  The Wolverine Claw Pattern that I have was made specifically for my 4 1/2 year old son.  It fits him, so to speak, like a glove.  You can either use this pattern and adjust it from there or make your own.  Here's how to make your own pattern:

Trace around your child's hand, going up n the sides where you want the glove to end.

  Add about a 1/2" on all sides for the correct glove side.

STEP TWO: Using the wolverine pattern mentioned or your own, cut out six pieces of felt for your glove pieces.

STEP THREE:  Cut out 12 claw pieces.

STEP FOUR:  Sew around the sides of the claw, leaving the bottom open.

STEP FOUR:  Clip on the curves so it will turn inside out easily.

STEP FIVE:  Turn right side out, using a pin.  Make sure to get the very tip turned out.  Repeat for all 6 claw pieces.

STEP SIX: Mark where you want your claws to go and how long on two of your glove pieces.

STEP SEVEN:  Using a seam ripper make a teeny hole, then very carefully cut the six straight lines.  I used my teeny embroidery scissors.

STEP EIGHT:  Stuff each claw with cotton.  

Try to find a nice balance between full, but not over stuffed. 

STEP NINE: Place each claw in the slit in the glove top.

STEP TEN:  Spread out the bottom of the claw and hot glue down, attaching the underside of the claw to the glove.  Repeat for both gloves.

STEP ELEVEN:  Hot glue one glove piece to the back of the clawed glove piece. Sealing the hot glued ends together. Repeat for both gloves.

STEP TWELVE:  Sew in the ends that won't be sewn to the extra glove piece, across the top of the gloves, the thumbs, and the bottom and up the sides.  As pictured below.

STEP THIRTEEN:  Last step is to sew the glove pieces to the back (unused) glove piece.  Sew together in the places shown below (but of course not actually on the claws-- pretend the claws were moved out of the way).  I have to leave a part open so they would open enough to fit his fist.

You can see they split open on the sides, which he thinks is really cool.

Now go get your inner Wolverine on.

"Oh, yeah!!"  As soon as he put these on I heard things like, "You wanna fight bad guys?"  "You want me to slice that door off?"  and "I have to be careful what I grab or I could slice things all up."

Now imagine these claws with the rest of his outfit...maybe a little something like this:

Imagination rendered below.

And we'll be all set.  I've got some sewing ahead of me.

October 3, 2013

The Olivia Dress

Need a little extra dose of cuteness this morning?

Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Craftiness is Not Optional just released a new pattern last week The Olivia Dress.

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester again.

This darling dress (or top) features an empire waist, which I love, and three different sleeve options.  It really is such a darling dress.

I must have had Valentine's Day on the mind when I was picking out this cute fabric.

As with everything Jess does, this dress is absolutely darling and the sizing is spot on.

Please visit CINO to pick up your own dress pattern -- and get sewing up some major cuteness!