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August 29, 2013

Kid Painted Mats for Frames

I'm still working on sprucing up my husband's office.  After adding plants we're now working on adding color and photos.

After a quick trip to target I came home with some really cute frames that I thought would work great.  Problem?  They were too white and boring (we're trying to avoid this -- being as all the walls are super white and boring already.)

I must of had thoughts of this post when I decided how I wanted enhance these frames.

But I decided to change it up.  Instead of cutting out paper, I decided it would be a good idea to just use painters tape, clearing off sections and just to have the kids paint right on the mat.  Pretty good idea, right?  Wrong. 

It was all good, until I put one of my tape pieces in the wrong place, then needed to lift it up, to move it to a different location.  And then the mat lifted up and a chunk of it came off...ahh... I slowly took off all the rest of the tape pieces and decided to head back over to plan A.

Cut out triangles.

Using thick watercolor paper, I cut out many, many triangles and made a unique triangle plan for each mat.

They looked pretty cool being just white, but we're going for color here, people. 

So I gathered up the sweet children and let them use my fancy water colors and let them have at it.

The only real direction I gave them was to use the water before switching colors.

Each of them did a really excellent job.

It's amazing how well everybody gets along so well, while their creative minds are going.

Once everyone was done, I let each triangle dry.

The next day, using tacky craft glue, I painted the glue on the back of each triangle and placed it on the mat.  I wanted the glue to go on evenly and to each edge, thus the use of the paint brush.

All done.

The Finished Products.
Hmm, anyone care to guess where he teaches?

Then I also added this frame.  This shows all the different national parks we've been to as a family.  I've labeled them for those of you who don't know your national parks quite as well.  It does show a couple of repeats and extra ones, so I can add to it as times goes by.

 And lastly I updated this cute picture box.

I can't wait to hang them up on the walls!

August 26, 2013

The Sally Dress

Remember all that fun I was having this summer?  It involved mostly traveling, boating, swimming, being with family, and generally enjoying our vacation.  And as much as I love to sew, there isn't much room for that when the kids are all home and we're traveling all around.

I was, in fact, in northern Wisconsin, at a cabin when I received an email saying that if I wanted I would have the opportunity to test out the new Sally Dress by Lovin' the Mommyhood.  I was still in my swimsuit, and internet reception was spotty -- but after a quick assurance from my Mother in law, that yes, indeed she did have a sewing machine I could borrow, I excitedly replied Yes, I would love to test out the pattern.

I decided that I just had to make it happen -- vacation or not.  On a free evening (with literally 15 minutes until Jo-Anns closed) I ran in the store, grabbed some darling fabric, blue pipping, orange thread and was back out the door -- with two minutes to spare.

Then, that next evening, once all the kids were to bed and my husband and his siblings were playing games, I snuck downstairs, undusted my mother in law's sewing machine, grabbed her kitchen scissors and got to work.   I have to say sewing up this vintage inspired dress, using an actual vintage machine was a bit of a challenge, but also real fun.  I learned a lot about other machines and learned to appreciate my lovely Bernina sitting at home.  I didn't take a picture of her machine, but it looked exactly like Sally Ann's machine (it was even attached to a table). My mother in law was out, of course, the night I decided to start working on the dress, so I had to figure everything out on my own.  

When I was done I gave myself a real pat on the back, both for figuring out the machine and making a lovely dress.

I was as pleased as punch with the result.  The dress is fully lined and has excellent features like large pockets (what little girl doesn't love large pockets?) and includes no zippers or buttons, which always makes it nice for us seamstresses.

Confession, I took this photo, (above and below) after my daughter had worn the dress no less than 5 different times.  It needs to be pressed.  But we're all friends, here, right?  No judging?

Here's the photos I took back at my in-laws home.  Freshly made and pressed.  

So what exactly does a two year old need to carry on those large pockets?

Horses, of course.

This is a lovely dress and is available for purchase HERE.

>> On a side note, you'll notice in all the above picture my girl does not have any shoes on, at that point of the vacation her dress shoes were left at the cabin and we were back in the city.  Thus the no shoes.  The next day I was over at Target and picked some up for her.  Umm, just wanted to say, she does typically wear shoes.<<

August 21, 2013

My New Favorite Cookbook

I've taken a little break from What's for Dinners Wednesdays.  But now I'm ready to start up again.

Today I thought I'd share with you The Dairy - free & Gluten-free Kitchen.

I found this book on Amazon.  I just typed in gluten and dairy free cookbook.  A few came up, but this one definitely looked the yummiest (I'm famous for judging books by their covers-- hasn't lead me wrong yet) so I bought it.  

I really struck gold with this one. Every meal I've tried has been delicious and so yummy. So far it's my only cookbook.  Dinners either come from this book or the internet. 

I love that each recipe is gluten and dairy free, plus at the top it also lists other things it's free of:

Sample view:  This was the first thing I ever made out of this book.  Yummy!!

Remember this fabulous pizza I shared a few months ago?

And one of our favorite dinners that we have almost once a week:  Chicken Vera Cruz.

It includes directions for making the black bean sauce.  I always love making this, especially before I mix it up.  Isn't it pretty?

After the beans are blended all up, you heat them on the stove. 

Here's how we like to eat it.  Chicken Vera Cruz, topped with homemade Pica de gallo sauce, served with cilantro rice, On the Border tortilla chips (naturally GF), and if we're really on the ball fresh pineapple.

Yum, a favorite for sure.

Thanks for joining me for:

August 20, 2013

A New Blankie

With the birth of each of my children I always get excited to sew them lots of things.  
One thing I insist on is there very own large blankie.

I purchased this material for baby about a month or two before she was born.  But the way I make them is to place the cotton material on top of the minky, measure a million times, and pin everything to pieces before I sew it up.  80 % of this blankie's work is done on the floor.  And being a 7 - 8 months along pregnant woman (not to mention I am -- cough, cough -- getting older) sitting on the ground, measuring, and pinning does not do well to my old, awkward, pregnant body.  

So once I came home with the material, even though I had grand visions of getting that blankie sewn before she was born, there it layed upon my sewing pile for the next 10 months.  Finally last week I decided no new sewing projects could be done until I finished all the ones sitting on top of my pile.  
This one was on the top. 

It's a real fun, quick sew.  I'm not sure why I waited until she was 8 months to complete it.  But, you know how these things go. 

And do you recognize that dress?  I made it for her sister a long time ago.  But I made it way too small for her.  So when I packed it I placed it in the 6 - 9 month clothing, instead of the 12 month box.

It fits baby much better!


It's almost impossible to take a bad shot of this girl.  She is always happy and lovely.

August 19, 2013

My First Scripture Bag Pattern-- looking for testers

For Sale Now: Only $5.  Click HERE.

After many requests I have decided to buckle down and take care with the scripture bags that I designed.  I first made them for Christmas two and a half years ago.  Then, this past Chriastmas I made one more for my daughter.  Each time I've made the bags I've thought, this would be a great pattern to share with others -- but I knew it would require a lot of work, to make sure it was done just right.
Last week I settled down, took my time, took lots of notes, and pictures and made a pattern that I'm really proud of.
But now I need you!

Before I can sell it, I want to have it tested.

I'm looking for four to five testers who would be willing to have the scripture bag completed and google form filled out by next Wednesday, August 28th. I'm hoping for a September 2nd release date, on my etsy site.

If you are interested please email me at allison allsop at gmail dot com -- with the subject line, "Pattern Tester".

Thanks so much!!