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October 31, 2019

The Von Trapp Family Zombies

Happy Halloween!  
The plan for this year's Halloween costume, according to Facebook was made 37 weeks ago.

I had a friend getting rid of curtains and I was basically dared to make them into costumes.

They probably all forgot.  I did not.

The Von Trapp Family Zombies from @lliE on Vimeo.

My plan was to make straight up, real Von Trapp costumes from this fabric...but my kiddos weren't really going for it.

So someone mentioned...was it me?  That we should be The Von Trapp Family Zombies...and suddenly, everyone was interested!

We don't really watch scary movies and I wasn't even sure what zombies looked like, but after a quick google search I declared, "Ahh, zombies are scary and super gross!"

So, whereas, yes, we are "zombies", we don't have any blood around our faces -- yuck, and we like brains...but we eat grass and leaves.  Alternative names: Ghouls, The un-dead, you get the point.

There, now everyone's happy.

The Hills are ALIVE with the sound of BRAINS!

I self drafted my dress, just by making it up as I went.  The girl's dresses were loosely based off Oliver + S dresses and using the Building Block drafting book. 

The boys are wearing Oliver + S sunny side shorts with pretend lederhosen.

And J gets to be captain and just wear a suit with a $1 whistle.

J and the kids all agreed the scariest part of my costume was my pretend bangs. (Which is my bottom hair tucked on top).

Total cost for costumes:
$1 = Whistle
$6 = Face Paint
$1 = Fire starter to burn holes in the fabric
FREE = curtains + brown fabric + everything else.

Last night we had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat Party and I'm happy to report our family won the "Best Family Costume" Award. 

Happy Halloween, ghouls and boys!

October 24, 2019

Birthday Girl's New Dress

A few weeks ago this big girl had her birthday, which in our book, means a new dress is in order!

The only direction she gave me was she wanted a comfy black dress.  I knew just what to do when she asked for comfy: Oliver + S's new Girl on the Go Dress.  It is a pattern made for bigger girls out of super comfortable, knit material. 

Technically speaking, this fabric is not black...but a really dark navy blue.  Luckily, she still loves it!  She actually REALLY loves it and wanted to wear it all day, even when it was time for bed.  Ha, ha. 

The only modification I made was to add 6" of length.  These kiddies grow so fast, I don't want these darling dresses to last only one year, so I typically add lots of length. 

Oh, but that's not all I sewed.  I surprised my girl by also sewing her the Double Dutch Jacket to go on top.  Ever since she saw her sister's jacket she has wanted her own. 

It is fully reversible, so with a quick switcher-oo, she has another jacket. 

She always says she can't decide which jacket she likes better.

 Happy Birthday, sweet girl!