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October 27, 2014

The Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes (What I bought-- What I sewed)

 Sometimes you get an idea in your head and you just start running with it!

Hence, our Halloween outfits this year:

I suppose this idea started a couple months ago.  We had a few family date nights where we sat around, ate pizza and watched The Pirates of the Caribbean together.  Any scary parts, we'd skip over.  It turned out to be so much fun -- after a couple of weeks we had watched all four movies together.

This fun ended right when it was time to start scheming our Halloween outfits -- well, this turned out to be an obvious choice.

 We got out first opportunity to dress up this past Saturday for a church party. (Luckily no one in our family is too Frozen crazy.)  Amidst all the Elsas and Annas at the party we were a motley crew.

The kids really loved staying in character and you could tell they all felt pretty cool as Pirates!

Here's the breakdown of our outfits and our inspirations:

My oldest wanted to be Will Turner -- but not the early movie version, the cool one from the 3rd movie.

I bought him a purple shirt and black pants (from Goodwill).  The purple shirt was a Mens size XL.  So I cut it up and resewed it to fit him.  The black shirt is actually my shirt, straight from the closet.  I sewed on the shiny buttons and added the black head scarf made of black knit material and some orange fabric I had on hand for around his waist.

My second wanted to be Jack Sparrow.

I bought his blue pants from Goodwill.  I bought some dark red knit material for his head and sewed on some beads to the side of it.  I sewed up the blue vest, using the Schoolboy Vest pattern.  I stretched the pattern and added lot of length to make it extra long. I sewed on some shiny buttons.  Then I serge some red and white fabric to make his sash.  Pair that with some belts, a sword, and boots and we're set.

This little cutey really wanted to be Angelica, the girl pirate from the 4th movie.  It was so funny hearing her tell her friends she wanted to be Angelica-- and them all having no clue what she was talking about!

I bought a $1(magician) hat from Target, but recovered the whole thing with felt to make it suit my needs (tutorial forthcoming).  I sewed up a schoolboy vest for her but really altered the fit of the vest, giving her a real unique design from fabric I already had on hand.  She is wearing a felt Spanish inspired cummerbund, but you can't really see it.  The shirt and pants we already had on hand.  Then last minute we tied a gold sash around her waist.  Last, we gave her my church belt and called it good!

Initially my husband informed me he really wanted to be Davy Jones, complete with squid face, crab hand, and peg leg.  I laughed, "There is NO WAY I can make a Davy Jones costume for you!"  I'm creative, but that would be insane.  Eventually he conceded that Captain Barbarossa would work well and baby could be Jack-the-monkey.

Jack-the-monkey was really fun to make.  You may remember the monkey suit from this costume.  All I had to do was sew up a red vest (in crushed red velvet), using the schoolboy vest pattern.  Pair that with a white church shirt, on top of a monkey costume and we were good!

Captain Barbossa was the very last costume I completed.  I was having some concept issues.  I couldn't figure out how to complete this look.  I bought him some black pants from Goodwill.  I also bought a small (cowboy) hat there, too.  Eventually I figured out how to make that hat into a large pirate hat (tutorial forthcoming).  I sewed him a faux leather double breasted vest.  After making three vests, I had the whole vest sewing thing figured out pretty well.  I just traced out one of his work shirts to get a good fit.  Then I made it extra wide in the front so it would be double breasted.  Lastly I sewed on all those shiny buttons.  He paired that with an unrolled church shirt and black suit coat and some belts and we were golden!

Lastly, everyone voted on me being Elizabeth Swann.  Of course I chose to be the pirate Elizabeth Swann, I wasn't going anywhere close to those dresses she wore in the first movie.

I bought the brown pants and white shirt from Goodwill.  I borrowed the awesome brown hat from a friend.  I sewed up the vest, using one of my shirts as a guide.  Then I sewed on all those shiny buttons.  To be honest all those buttons were my biggest expense.  But I don't think I'd get the authentic look I was going for with plastic buttons with holes in them.  I let my hair air dry that day, added a bit of makeup and a few belts and got my pirate Arrrghs going.

The party was really fun!  We even won "Scariest Costume" as a family.  I can see why!

October 15, 2014

Easy Superhero Body Art


As Halloween approaches parents are often scrambling to find the perfect look to complete their child's costumes.  
Masks certainly have their place, but I love the look and comfort that face paint can bring.

Tulip body art is really simple to use.  And they produce really awesome results!

I asked my children if I could practice some face painting on them.  They all agreed enthusiastically!  I told them each to pick their own character and I'd try to reproduce it for them.

Here's how to make Iron Man:

 1. Always wet your brush (included) in water to wet the paint
2. & 3. Outline the face (like so) in yellow
4. Add the red helmet on top
4. Last outline everything in black.  I also added a little orange on top of the yellow for a more Iron Man look. And I added a little white inside the eyes.

(green teeth -- courtesy of eating an airhead ...)

This cute girl asked to be a red batman.  Sounds good to me!

1. With a wet brush outline the face in red
2. Fill in the red
3. Outline everything in black
4. Add eyebrows and other details.  Outline eyes in white.  I added a little pink, last on top of the red.

Doesn't take much for her to get into character.  Fierce, huh?

Lastly, we have Captain America!

1. Outline everything in blue.  Add the white block letter A on the forehead.
2. Add the iconic wings in white.
3. Fill in all the blue.
4. Outline everything in black.  Outline the A with red. Draw on some crazy eyebrows!

And I know not everyone wants to freehand body art. 
 Luckily Tulip offers lots of great stencils too.  This makes the process super simple and fun!

 1. Cut out and add your sticker stencil.
2. With a wet paint brush add your color however you'd like.
3. Take the sticker stencil off.
4. Smile!!

Time for some Saving the world...!

  I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Tulip Body Art and Blueprint Social, but as always all opinions are my own. For more on Tulip please visit them at FacebookTwitterPinterest and their Blog.

October 13, 2014

X-Men Wolverine DIY Costume

Last Friday, I shared my fun (+ easy) Cyclops Costume.

Today, we're on to Wolverine!


This was a really fun costume to put together. 
 First, like last time I went shopping:

Yellow t-shirt
Blue Sweatpants
Yellow Binding
Wool Felt (gray, blue + red)
Wolverine Mask

And, because, this cute kid kept asking, I started weeks early with THESE Claws.

Last time I made the X-men X's.  
To finish the belt I attached it to a felt blue band and held it in place with velcro.

First thing I did with the shirt was cut off the end of the sleeves to make them much shorter and then re-hemmed them. (this picture is the before).

Then I decided to go the fabric paint + freezer paper route.  Basically I cut out a lot of triangles and a big rectangle.  (I used the very first picture -- left -- as my guide).  I added three layers of fabric paint.  Once the front was dry, I made a fun X pattern on the back.  Once everything was dry I peeled off all the freezer paper.  Lastly, I placed a white towel on top of everything and ironed it all down to set the paint. 

Made for a pretty awesome shirt.  I love the bright colors!

For the pants, I started one night by sitting with my seam ripper in hand, and I pulled off all that side binding, which was just sewn on top.

Then, this cute boy had a preschool party to go to, before I got the yellow binding on.  This is his serious, I am Wolverine face.

 Once he got back from his party, I finished everything up! I marked with chalk where I wanted the yellow binding to go, pinned it in place, then sewed the binding down.

Both boys done, Yeah!
 So much fun.  I love how everything turned out!  And these boys are always appreciative of the work their sewing Mama does for them :)

October 10, 2014


You may remember last year with just one day to spare, I finished the boys' X-Men costumes. 
(Click here for one of my boy's favorite posts)

Up first we had:

 When I do Halloween, I love to do homemade sewing, but I also like to take lots of shortcuts.  This year was no exception.  Why drive myself crazy for an outfit worn for mere hours...?

So, using the picture on the upper left as my guide, I went shopping:

Long Sleeve gray shirt
Gray sweatpants
Yellow Bias Tape
Wool Felt (yellow, back + red)
$1 store glasses
red acrylic paint

For the shirt and pants, I outlined with chalk straight lines own the front, to mimic those seen in the official suit.

Then I pinned the bias tape on top of my lines an sewed them in place, folding in and down the ends.

For the belt, I took red felt and pinned and sewed down the bias tape, as pictured.  Then I sewed those X's onto felt belts and added velcro on the back for easy on and off.

Lastly, I picked up some dollar store glasses and painted on red lines.

Put that together and there you have it -- Cyclops!


Come back Monday, where I'll share how I made the Wolverine Costume!

October 6, 2014

Halloween Chalkboard Art

Time for a new chalkboard Halloween art.

I saw this lovely print from Shop Bubblegum Alley
The Very Witching Time of Night Halloween Chalkboard Art Printable

It was, obviously, my inspiration here:

Oooh, ready for Halloween now!

October 2, 2014

The Bistro Dress

Liesl + Co has been releasing their fall patterns and they have been so fun.

There's a Cinema Dress, Culottes, a Bento Tee, and now a Bistro dress.

Ooh, I've been checking in every Thursday to see which pattern she'd be releasing.  
Well, today is finally the day!

I was a pattern tester and sewed up this dress used in her photo shoot.

And...I really love it!!

I'm not even exaggerating the fact that when I was done sewing up this dress, I went around the home all proud of myself, walking a little taller, explaining to my husband, quote, "That dress gave me SO much Sewing Confidence!"

I learned how to:

 1) Sew up a really beautiful dress that I would totally pay $100 or more for in a store.

2) Sew in darts, adding such beautiful lines that flatter the figure

3) Sew in a beautiful lining

 4) Put in an invisible zipper (to the dress and lining)

5) I added a collar, which I've never done before.

All of that adds up to a really beautiful dress -- which I can't wait to sew up again.

I'm thinking next time a lace overlay, over the lining.  Why not?  After all I have Sewing Confidence in ME!