Super Fabulous Lemon Bars

Let it be known, I'm a sucker for anything lemon.  Just a huge fan of all things lemon

The other day I had a fresh Meyer lemon that needed to be picked from my own lemon tree.  I knew just what I wanted to whip it up into-- some Super Fabulous Lemon Bars.

So I quickly hopped onto Food Gawker and looked up some good lemon bar recipes.  I wanted to also use up a lot of eggs and use lots of fresh lemons.  I stumbled upon this recipe which fit the bill perfectly.  

They were seriously the best lemon bars I'd ever had-- like the kind you pay $5 each for at fancy shops.  They were set up so nicely and they were thick and sweet, and yumm....I need to go make some more....

As I went back to see the recipe so I could link it up here, I realized it was adapted from a Barefoot Contessa recipe.  Ah, no wonder they were SO fabulous.  

These come highly recommended by me and are my new go-to Lemon Bar recipe.

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Savard Studios said…
Yummm! I love lemons and I'm jealous you have a lemon tree. I'll have to try these bars soon. Thanks for sharing!
KT said…
I'm pretty sure I need to move in with you ASAP.
Lemonpeel said…
I forgot you had a lemon tree!!! I totally need one... hmmm, mothers day. Great post, I am addicted to lemon bars, and I can't wait to try these out!

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