Skirt Steak and Sweet Potatoes with Herb Sauce

After discovering Real Simple as a place for...wait for it...real simple recipes.  I went back there to see if they had any more that were simple, easy, and free of all the things we were no longer eating for dinner.

While snooping around I found this one:

We thought it was really yummy and quick (maybe 25 minutes total).  I loved the new way to prepare sweet potatoes and using up the fresh herbs.  It was my first time buying a skirt steak.  I have since made this recipe but substituted steak for pork chops.  That was possibly even better.


KT said…
Looks really yum! Sweet potatoes make me endlessly happy.
Jo-Lynne Shane said…
This looks great! I'm adding it to my meal plan this week. :-)

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