Recycled Plant Bottle using Gemz

Have you heard of Gemz

Look at how simple it was to add sparkle to an ordinary, recycled glass bottle.

The craft gem sheets cut into any shape you want - customization in a snap! Before I opened up my package I was thinking each of the gemz were individual. But, they're all together-- which made my project a lot easier.

As I was trying to decide how to decorate my glass bottle, I came across this design from Spoonflower.  I loved it and decided to copy it's pattern for my bottle.

Here's how to make your own Recyled Plant Bottle.

1. Glass Bottle
2. Gemz

STEP ONE: Cut your gemz the strips length, counting over every six gemz.

STEP TWO: Do this same thing for both your colors.

STEP THREE: Cut the gemz through the bottom-- making this shape.
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these strips were to cut.  I was expecting them to be easy in between the gemz, but cutting right on top of the gemz was super easy, too.

STEP FOUR: Make a pattern-- make sure all the gemz are cut out facing the right way.

STEP FIVE: Peel off the back and attach your gems to your glass bottle.

STEP SIX: Keep going around and up the bottle, until done.

My next step was to add my new plant.  I have a philodendron plant, which had one sections sticking out all crazy.  I decided to cut it off and replant it in my jar with water.
Cutting off plants and sticking them in water was something my Mom used to do all the time, when I was growing up.  It takes months and months, but eventually these cut offs will grow their own roots.

STEP SIX: Add plant-- enjoy the Sparkle!

This cute new plant bottle has a new home on my lamp, for me to enjoy.  It's sparkle is always catching the sun and making me happy.

For more great inspiration follow Darice Here:


Jodi said…
really great idea! I have used similar products to decorate wine bottles. It is so nice that they are all on a sticky backing together.

have a great weekend!
Kassi said…
This looks way more fun than my usual method of cutting off a stem and sticking it in a glass or tumbler!!!
Carolina said…
I love the pattern you chose! It looks great with the glass peeking through in the spots where you cut away the crystals.

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