Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  We certainly did.

I was really looking forward this year to dressing all my kids matchy-matchy.  How many more years of this can I pull this off?...not many more I imagine.  So I have to live it up while I can.

I started about three weeks ago and got to sewing.

I had bought this fabric several months ago from Hobby Lobby, intending to make myself a maternity skirt.  But then once I got home I thought, "Eh, I'm not going to be pregnant forever-- I think I'll save the fabric for something else."

Then as I began thinking of Easter, this fabric got a new purpose.

Here's what I made.

Everything turned out really cute.  And it makes this Mama so happy to see cute matchy kids.

I took this quick shot before church. 

These are from after where everybody looks a little more rough-- after three hours of trying to hold still and sneaking candy. 

All together now.

Dad even humored us by wearing a yellow tie, while I wore my gray Shabby Apple dress.

Be sure to check back in this week as I'll be sharing what and how I made these outfits.
Baby's Easter Dress.


Katie said…
SUPER CUTE, Allie! I am impressed! Love the gray & yellow!
KT said…
You kill me.
annie said…
Darling kids.

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