Little Miss Dress-- Size 2 t PDF Pattern

I mentioned earlier that sewing by following a "for realsie" pattern is hard for me-- like super hard-- like give me a headache and make me go crazy hard.  I never seem to know what they're talking about.  Of course this means I need more practice so I can become more fluent in speaking the language of patterns. 
 All in good time.

Well, after spending more than a week decoding my baby's Easter Dress Simplicity Pattern ( Click here to see more) ...

I decided for dress two I would be drafting my own pattern and making things up as I went.  Somehow that is way easier for me. And of course, being fresh off making that last dress that got my creative wheels going. I drafted this pattern using one of my girl's shirts, some yellow paper, lots of measuring-- and I believe a little bit of luck.

It turned out really well. and I gave myself two thumbs up for a job well done. 

And because I love and encourage sharing in my home all day.  I decided to take a little extra time and make this into a affordable PDF Pattern to share with you all.  It is size 2T.

Love her natural curls.

You know how when you're knocking yourself out, trying to be funny so your daughter will look at the camera so you can get one decent picture and you don't notice that her dress has shifted slightly after 3 hours of church?....Yeah, that's what happened here.  I promise it fits really well, it just needs a teeny tug to the left on the shoulder.

 Click here to view everyone's Easter outfits.


What a cute dress! Thanks for sharing the pattern.
I'm so excitd about this!! Thanks for sharing. I'm excited to be a new follower as well.
Unknown said…
This is sooo adorable.. I just love the sweet combo of fabrics you used!
Amie @ Pinkapotamus
love the spring fabrics!
KT said…
Beautiful pics, girl, and dress!
The dresses are adorable! Great job. Love the sleeves
Whitney said…
I noticed your kids cute Easter clothes at church. I loved the grey and yellow!
Unknown said…
This is such a darling dress, I really like the large grey dots& those tiny yellow flower buttons are super sweet. You did great!

Unknown said…
So stinkin cute!!
Heidi Polcyn said…
So cute!!! I will be pinning this to make a dress for my little curly haired princess :)

beth said…
Such a darling dress. I can't wait to make it for my granddaughter. I too have struggled with the patterns , so I very much appreciate the pattern you have made! The pictures WITH the directions are soooo helpful. So much easier than running back and forth to the computer. I really wouldn't mind buying patterns off the internet and some have great instructions but I thing most of the prices are pretty high for what they are. Don't get me wrong they earn the money for doing the work, but do they have to charge soooo much? Although, I guess if I could do it I wouldn't have to buy them. Anyway, I really appreciate all of your hard work and thank you so much for the free pattern, signed a Grateful Grandma
Galatina said…
This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
Linzee said…
This is adorable!
Creative Kristi said…
So so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing! I featured this on my #spreadbloggylove Share Saturday today. If you'd like to see it click here
Unknown said…
You did such a great job! I am horrible at following patterns too. I just make it up as I go along. lol Thanks so much for linking up to The Weekly Creative! I'm going to be featuring this during the party on Thursday.:) XO
Very cute! Love the polka dot and the fabric combination!
Vladjenka said…
The tutorial is sooo great and easy to follow, thanks so much for it. I made the dress for my baby girl yesterday, but I was really sad when I tried it on my soon-to-be 2 years old baby girl. Even though I added a bit, it was too tight across the chest. I had to rip all the seams and add extra 1cm on each side. Fortunatelly, I cut it a bit larger.
On the bright side... the result is beautiful and charming and I hope she won't grow too big for it till summer. ;) Thanks again. (owh and btw our dress is bright yellow)
I'm so glad to hear you sewed up a cute bright yellow dress. I'd love to see it.
My dress was made for my very teeny girl, so it's hard to judge exactly what the norm should be. I'm glad you were able to make it work!
Hi - I printed this out but it seems that my skirt pattern piece is missing. Do you have it by any chance?
The skirt piece is made by simply cutting out the fabric (no pattern needed). It's explained in Step One, but basically it's one piece 19" x 44" or 19" x 22" while still on the fold.
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness, soooo adorable! The dresses AND the little models! So glad you entered One Crafty Contest; good luck!
Unknown said…
Hi, just wondering what seam allowance is used - I couldn't find it in the tutorial. Thanks
I'm not 100% positive, because I sewed this a while ago ....but if I had to guess I'd say 5/8ths. I usually sew there.

Hope it goes well, please share pictures when you're done.
Charles Smith said…
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