Baby's Easter Dress

I'm breaking up talking about what I made for everybody for Easter into separate posts, because they're all so different.  Yesterday I showed you all what we wore

For Baby's dress I actually followed a pattern...without my Mom's help.

I rarely ever follow actual patterns because, well, they're really hard for me to understand.  Growing up I used to follow patterns with my Mom's help.  And she would always lovingly read them and break it all down for me so I would understand them. 

As I was explaining to my husband, "It's really hard for me to understand what they're talking about.  It's like a whole different language."  He asked me how my Mom learned to read patterns.  I explained that she would sew from patterns all the time and figured it out.  Then it became easy....I suppose that's what I need to do.

I bought this pattern about two years ago, when my other daughter was a baby.  It's taken me two years to muster up the courage to tackle it. 

You can see I made it in it's simplest form.  No pockets, no lace, no collar, no bonnet, no embroidery   I loved the scalloped edges and classic look, placed with very modern fabric.

Then after I was all done I decided baby needed a little hair bow.  I had this idea in my head and I tried to look it up online for how to make it-- but I didn't know what it was called.  I had the word, "pinwheel" in my head, but that didn't bring up what I wanted.

So I thought I'd just attempt what I thought would bring this desired look.  I cut out four circles from bigger to smaller.  For each circle I baste stitched around the edges.  Then I pulled the inner threads tight to gather the whole circle.  Then I placed it under the iron to press everything together.  Then I placed all four circles together and sewed them in place.

I hand sewed it onto a barrette and placed it on some elastic for sister to wear.

Baby was so funny when I was trying to take her picture.  She suddenly was So intrigued by her dress and almost all of my pictures are of her staring at her dress.

I was complaining to my husband that she wouldn't look at me, when he came over and started being super funny.  Then I got my golden shots.

I'm patting myself on the back that I made this dress a bit too big, so she can wear it a few more Sundays before she grows out of it.


You did a fabulous job on that dress! Patterns scare me too! HAHA You daughter is just the cutest thing! I hope to have a little girl someday to make cute things like that! I have two little boys! I would LOVE to have you share this at my party! Following you via facebook!
Chelsea B. said…
How adorable is that little one of yours! Your dress turned out great! Thank you for sharing.

I’d love for you to check out our Pattern Party! Those with free patterns and templates to share are invited to link up! We also have a great giveaway for Free Patterns!
Marla said…
This dress is adorable!! Love the fabrics, too! And I agree- patterns are in a different language!! I've gotten to where I usually just get patterns off Etsy that are step by step pictured tutorials. :)
annie said…
Turned out very cute. Awww, you used a pattern! Good job.
This dressed turned out beautiful! I love the fabric choices! And your daughter is very cute!
kate said…
This is so cute!! What a doll!

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