Sheriff Woody

I'll be finishing up my walk through past Halloween outfits this week.

FYI-- My Incredibles tutorial has been viewed over 1,100 times.  It's kind of blowing my mind a little bit.

Any whoo, back on topic-- Sheriff Woody!

This was the second outfit I made for my oldest.  He was super in to Toy Story, at the time so it seemed an obvious choice.

Here's a breakdown of the outfit:

I made the yellow Woody shirt and the cow print vest and bought the hat and holster from the dollar store.

I made the yellow shirt by making my own pattern following his church shirt.

I made the vest by cutting out a vest design and folding all the sides in.

Oh, he was cute!

Off to go trick-or-treating. 


Ashley said…
hey girl!!! this is SOOOO DARLING:) I love it:)
Unknown said…
This costume is too cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing,
Jennifer said…
Aw so cute and the costume too! ;)
Love diy costumes and looks like you are awesome at it!!
Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!!
Big D and Me said…
I know other people just buy costumes but I have so much fun making the costumes - plus I really think it teaches them an important lesson of making instead of always buying - plus my kids are 6 and 9 and think I can make anything - wonder how long that will last

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