Iron Man

Here is my last Halloween outfit to share with you.

This one I created last year.

Last year Iron Man was all over the place, since Iron Man 2 had just come out.

My boy got this special helmet from Target about a month before Halloween, just to play with.  But as Halloween got closer, he decided it would be really fun to BE Iron Man.

So, we made it happen.

The gloves he got from his Uncle, who worked at a Halloween costume store and I added the triangle and yellow felt pieces to make the suit more complete.

The outfit went like this: 

Baby sister was only a month old, so we kept things pretty low-key, including her outfit, which was her coat.

And brother was a monkey (also provided by Uncle), though everyone said what a cute bear he was.


Jennifer said…
Love it!!
Hope to see you tomorrow at Show & Share!! :)

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