Happy Birthday Garland

Have you ever been to GYGI?  Super fun store.  Go there if you need to waste time/spend money on kitchen items and food you never knew you totally needed.

I went there a couple weeks ago with my sister.

While there I saw this Happy Birthday Garland.

As we walked past it I couldn't help but have the following conversation with myself.

"Oh, I really like the fun shape of this banner."
"I could totally make this."
"Hm, baby's 1st birthday is in two days."
"Yep, I can make it in time."

And so I did.

Wanna make one too?

1. Print out of (14) birthday pennants
2. Print out of Birthday Letters
2. Scrapbook paper
3. Mod Podge
4. String
I didn't want tassels out of the end of the pennants, 
but you could add them if you like that look.

Step One: Print out Happy Birthday Letter page.

Click HERE for the pdf.

Step Three:  Print out birthday pennants on backside of cut scrapbook paper.  Either 14 large pennant pages or 7 small pennant pages. 


(Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8x11 page to get the proper size)

(Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8x11 page to get the proper size)

Step Six: Glue on one birthday letter to the front of each pennant. 

Prepare String.

Step Nine: Mod podge letters onto the front of pennants, one more time to seal.

Step Ten: Hang up!

FYI: Goes great with the Happy Birthday Seat!



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Krafty Max Originals
Unknown said…
Such a cute banner! Thanks for the helpful tutorial.
Love this tutorial! Would it be ok if I featured it on my party and entertainment blog - http://blog.divaentertains.com?

Jennifer said…
Look at you super mom!! I love it! The shape is so cool and different!
Thanks for sharing it at Show & Share!
cute, cute, cute. I love the colors. Thanks for the inspiration! I started a link party at my blog and I'd love for you to link this up. If you're interested it's http://caribbeanmissionarywife.blogspot.com/ Have a lovely day, Maria
Heather D. said…
This is VERY cute! How fun. :)
Big D and Me said…
Really cute - I thought it was fabric at first - love the printing on the back side of cardstock for the shape - I just made my first banner and want to make more - happy birthday little one
joy said…
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