D. I.

Did some D.I. shopping the other day.

Went to two D.I. stores. Spent $23.

Got the family all ready for Halloween.

Any idea what I've got in mind?

Husband's costume:

My costume:

When I was checking out with this white dress (made in Hawaii) the check out lady told me, "Oh, what a gorgeous dress!"

I didn't have the heart to tell her I had big plans to cut it up and re-sew it...for my Halloween costume.

So I just smiled and said, "yes."

To add to brother's costume:


KT said…
I am totally cracking up thinking about J wearing that. What in the world??? :)
KT, you must have "VISION". Vision, I say.
annie said…
heeeey, weren't you just telling me you hated shopping at DI?
I may have mentioned something like that.

However, you'll notice I was doing my Halloween shopping there. Which seems to be the perfect place for it.

And actually I've got to head out there today to pick up a microwave. Ours broke two days ago and I don't wanna spend more than $15.
Big D and Me said…
Scarecrow and Dorothy? Can't wait to see

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