I feel like with three children, carpooling, helping my husband finish his thesis, cooking, cleaning (occasionally), doing all my side projects-- sewing, painting...add on top of that all my fun blogging and my days are pretty filled.

I do see the convenience and idea behind Pinterest, but (for now, anyways) I do not have an account. However, I do find it fun to check out the Pinterest World just to see who's pinning my stuff.

Today I saw this (read her comment) and it made me both flattered and kind of weirded out.

Seriously, that's one of your top 5 reasons to have children?....strange.

But he was really cute, so I get it.


Aaron Allsop said…
That is one of my reasons to have babys. I need to find a wife first.
annie said…
I would love to know the other four reasons....
you mean dressing your kids (especially your girl) isn't one of your favorite things? its like playing barbies as an adult. i get it, but maybe i'm crazy too.

As for pintrest, I was hesitant at first but i love it. Especially if you bookmark stuff, its just so much easier to use since you can categorize everything (with a picture) however you want. Its a fun quick way to share recipes, ideas, projects- pretty much everything while giving proper credit, and having access even if you aren't at your own computer. I'm a fan, but I didn't get it til I started using it- and I'm still figuring it out. Not that I'm trying to convince you to do the same, just sharing :)
Big D and Me said…
Wow you kind of want to inform her that you need a little more to carry on the parenting thing than dressing up

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