What's in a Name?

So, I'll be honest this was not my first choice is new blog name.  I thought of many ideas for my new blog
-- Freshly Created

-- Freshly Made

-- Freshly Done

All of them taken by people that haven't blogged in years-- thanks, dummies.

Then I spent a lot of time on the thesaurus looking of synonyms for "made" and "done"...I wasn't getting anywhere.

I left the project and did dishes to give myself a break.

Then I thought of "Freshly Completed"...whereas it didn't quite have the same ring-- I knew it would work.  I grabbed it Fast.

And Freshly Completed was Born.  A place to share my projects that have been completed-- freshly.  And you know what?  It's growing on me.

I told my husband on the phone a couple hours after, "Hey, I decided to make a new blog to share the things I make."

"Cool", he said, "What's it called?"

"Umm....Freshly....uh, Freshly--- something. I think it's Freshly Created." it wasn't.

But I think I remember it now. yes.


CK said…
I love the name. Good choice.

I had a similar thing happen with my new blog, Opal Dream. I wanted opaldream.blogspot is already taken. So I settled with opaldreamblog.blogspot.com- oh well.

PS I've really enjoyed flipping back through your posts! You are a great blogger!

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