Bucket List-- Utah

I've started a new project today.  

Something I'm Really excited about.

I'm creating a painting to submit to the Utah State Fair-- coming up in a few weeks.

Submitting something to the Utah State Fair is on my Utah bucket list.
I created a "Utah Bucket List" because I know hope we're moving away from here soon.

Also on my bucket list-- eat Hebrew national hot dogs.  I can check that one off now.  In case you're wondering, they tasted like normal hot dogs.

It's so fun to create in my
Art studio.../craft room/ bakery/husband's office/kitchen table.

The boys just woke up from naps and tried to each chocolate in my art studio...can you imagine?  They were scolded and told not to eat in here.

My two year old told me, "But mom dis is a table.  We Haf to eat in here."

No vision, that one.


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