Taggie Giraffe

Hello, today we are making a Taggie Giraffe. 

This is a simple design I made when I wanted to make a homemade gift for a friend for her baby shower. She made me a homemade gift when my baby was born-- so I felt obligated inspired to make her a homemade gift as well.  
I remember thinking for a long time of what I wanted to make-- and soon enough it just hit me a Taggie Giraffe!  

First thing I did was draw out a design

(Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8x11 page to get the proper size)

1. Print out Taggie Giraffe sheet
2. Two fabric squares the size of 8 x 11 paper
3. Six different 3 inch ribbons
4. Cotton stuffing
5. Crinkly packaging (graham crackers or Ritz crackers packaging)

Step One: Place fabrics on top of each other with right sides together.   
Step Two: Place giraffe sheet on fabric and cut out giraffe.
I used three different fabrics.  Pink minky dot fabric for the back and a brown corduroy and pink cotton that I had sewn together for the front.  You can do it that way to change up the texture or use two of the same fabrics.

Step Two: Place six ribbons around giraffe where marked and pin in place.  
The ribbons will be going towards the inside of the giraffe so when you turn the giraffe inside out they will be on the outside.

Step Three: Sew around the entire outside of the giraffe making sure to catch the ribbons. Leave the inside circle un-sewn.

Step Four: Flip the giraffe inside out.

Step Five: Stuff the giraffe with stuffing and crinkly paper.
I like using ritz cracker wraps, because they have a good crinkle.  I just cut them up into little pieces and make them all squishy and stuff them in the head and body, in between the cotton stuffing.

Step Six: Sew up the middle circle by hand.
I went over the middle two times to make sure it was really tight.  I also used really thick thread.

Step Seven: Enjoy!


Lemonpeel said…
love this blog. you are so cool and talented - wanna share some of those sewin' skills this-a-way?? I'm still hot gluing my curtains together ;)

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