Back to School Celebration!!

I get happy with myself when I think of traditions that we can start at the very beginning.  

Yesterday evening we had our very first Back to School Celebration.

I suppose it's technically "Starting School", rather than "Back to School", but I wanted to make a banner that could be used time and time again.

I also wanted a new tablecloth to add festivity to our table for our celebration.  (FYI-- I went to 3 different stores before finally stopping in Big Lots and snagging this one for $8.)

To make our banner I first chose papers that matched my new tablecloth and cut them into triangle shapes.

Then I printed out and cut the letters to "B-a-c-k t-o s-c-h-o-o-l  2011 "and glued them onto my triangles.

Next I grabbed some yarn and stapled them on my triangles to make my banner.

Now, if you've ever been to my home you know that it is teeny.  We moved in here with three people and now we're completely busting at the seams with 5 people.

I was able to hang my banner in the kitchen...but I was not able to take a nice photo of it.  So, you'll just have to use your imagination.

Then Monday night we had a family night discussion of our goals for our five year old and wrote them down.  I printed each of the goals out and glued them onto paper and placed them around the table to talk about as we ate dinner.

This boy was Very excited we were having a back to school celebration just for him! 

We had a Delicious dinner of spaghetti, rolls, squash, zucchini, and grape juice.

Then I made apple dumplings for dessert.  If you haven't made these before you Must.  They are completely divine!

This morning our big boy was off to school.  He was So thrilled and happy to be going.  We sure love our big boy!


Such a fun tradition. I need to step it up. My only first day tradion is that I fill out lots and lots of paperwork :)
Care Free Jen said…
What a fun tradition! You are so clever. :-)
Marie said…
What a fun tradition to start! I’d love if you’d come share this at my link party going on right now.

awwww what a fun thing to do for your little guy! my son starts pre-k in 14 days {{eeeekkkk}}. i'm going to try not to be THAT mom, but i don't's gonna be hard :) i'm loving all your fun projects :)

KT said…
Oooh, like the new look! Very cute. Also.........will you make me one? I just can't. Can't. But I want it bad. Pretty please? :)

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