Mess-Free Painting

Have you ever heard of Psykopaint?

I just discovered it yesterday.  I was actually spending the evening sewing.  I was sewing two pieces of (fake) leather and three pieces of felt together.  For some reason my needle broke.  That's been happening a lot lately and I'm now officially out of needles.

Well, we're celebrating No TV month here in our home so I hopped on the computer to entertain myself until my husband comes home, late from work.

Then I found Psykopaint.  My opinion?  Very entertaining.

If you ever find yourself wishing to paint, but not wanting to make all the mess might I recommend this site.

I made this in about 10 minutes as I was doodling around with all the features.

My favorite part is how you use the brushes in all the styles of the great masters.  It's fun to see Van Gogh's brush next to Monet's-- not to be confused, of course, with Manet-- chuckle, chuckle.


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