Before each of my children are born I sew them their very own blanket.

Here's my middle child, just a couple days old wrapped up in his own blankie.  Is there anything more sweet than a newborn sleeping on your shoulder?  Me thinks not.

Here's the pictures I took of the blankie shortly after it was completed.  I was very fond of this blankie because I only bought the minky dot fabric I used for the back.  Everything else was scraps I had from other projects.  This was also my first patch work quilt.  I didn't follow any pattern I just cut out a bunch of squares and sewed them all together.  Are there any other steps I'm not aware of?

Well, that sweet little babe grew up to a crazy little two year old.  In the beginning of this year our family took a lovely trip to San Diego-- and of course, being the thoughtful mom that I am, I brought his Favorite Blankie

Well, that blankie never made it back home.  Somehow it was lost in our hotel.  I'm sure some maid was cleaning our room and thought she needed a little green blankie of her own and took it-- okay, that's probably not the case but I'm pretty sure it disappeared when our sheets were being changed and despite my many calls to the hotel, that blanket was never found.

Guess how upset my boy was?

Guess how many hours he spent fretting about his most favorite blankie?

Guess how much trouble he had after that trying to fall asleep?


Did you guess?

Did you guess that he didn't even notice because he's a unsentimental boy?

Then you guessed right.

That's right-- didn't even notice.  STILL doesn't even notice.

I've even asked him a couple times what happened to his favorite blankie.  He doesn't know and doesn't seem to care.  Ah, boys, what can you do?

Well, I've already decided I'm going to make him a new blankie for his next birthday.  
And Darn it he better Love it and notice that it's there!!


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