How to add Blingy Straps to Flip Flops

 I've already raved about how I enjoyed using Gemz.

Bling on a roll is so versatile you could literally add it anywhere you need some more new flip flops.

I'm so thrilled to be seeing the warm sun again and to be able to play outside.  Why are winter's always so long?  Well, a sunny day last week brought out some spring shopping. We came home with some new flip flops for my daughter.   I thought they were so cute (and cheap $2) but knew I needed to add a strap to them so they wouldn't fall off her feet.  Adding some bling was a simple way to dress them up.

Here's how to make them.:

3. Elastic
4. Needle + Thread

STEP ONE: Measure how much elastic you'll need.  You want it to wrap around the straps of the flip flop, but be tight enough to hold the foot in place.  Cut out two pieces of elastic.

STEP TWO: Hand sew the elastic in place on both sides of the strap and on both flip flops.

STEP THREE: Measure and cut out Bling on a Roll.  I cut my strip from a bling strip that was 4 bling's long.  I only needed three, so I cut one off.  They're super easy to cut through.

STEP FOUR: Hand sew bling into place.  It should be sewed loosely on with extra space in the back. 
So when the foot is in, it stretches into place correctly.

That's it!

Time to go out and enjoy that sunshine.

For more great inspiration follow Darice Here:


Marla said…
What a cute idea! It add so much to the sandal!
KT said…
I don't know what it is but the words "bling on a roll" totally crack me up!!!
Hilary and Eric said…
Dude! Those turned out amazing! Super cute.
KT-- I keep wanting to call it "bling on a string"...has a nice ring. what a little "Bling" can do! What a change to the flip flop! I would Love to have you share over at {Homemade By You}
Chelsea B. said…
This is such a GREAT idea! I love the bling! Thanks for sharing! I’d love for you to visit us at Get Your Crap Together!
Rita said…
So cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
Kassi said…
First of all, what a clever idea for keeping those little shoes on her cute feet! And blinging the strap makes them even more fun!!! Love it!!!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely
Carolina said…
such a fun and sparkly way to usher in summer!!

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