How to make your own BYU shirts

I've been knocking off all these projects on my list lately that I've been meaning to try out for a long time.

This week's to-do list?

Figure out how to make shirts using fabric paint + freezer paper.

I know it's been around for ages, but I guess I've just haven't been properly motivated to try it out...until now.

You see it's football season again in this household and there's one team above all others that gets total and undeniable support-- BYU.

So when game day comes around we all wearing our shirts in support and hope they do well.  Well, this year all three of my kids have grown out of their BYU shirts. And since our recent move to the Midwest, finding anything BYU related is no longer an option. 

Thus my instant motivation to make them some shirts this year.

I'd had it on my mind for a couple weeks when I was browsing around in Target and found T-shirts for the boys at $1.80 each.  Wow, couldn't pass that up. I picked up another shirt for sister, for $3 and rounded up the other necessary items and was happy to start my journey into Freezer Paper Stencils.

I started with this quick tutorial from (who else?) Made.

Then I printed off this sheet I made last year when I made my other BYU shirt.
 (Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8x11 page to get the proper size)

For my three shirts I chose the middle Y. Then I traced my Y's (shiny side down) onto the Freezer paper. 

I exacto knifed everything out.

Then I ironed it onto my shirts.

As per, Dana's instructions I bought the Tulip brand fabric paint from Joanns. 

Next I added three layers of paint, letting each layer dry for about an hour. 
 (It was a great project to work on while I was also doing laundry).

For my pink Y, I mixed red and white together.

After letting all three shirts dry completely...

I removed the freezer paper.

Lastly I placed a towel on my shirts and ironed them each for about 30 seconds. 

All done!

The kids loved them.  


Fun and Festive said…
I saw this on the SUgar Bee Link Party and wanted to visit your site. I have 3 daughters that attended BYU do I will difinitely tell them about this tutorial. I am new at blogging and love all the creative women out there. I would love for your to visit my blog
Thanks so much for this! We are HUGE BYU fans, and I just can't afford shirts for all the kids, this is great!

I am your newest follower!

I love this! I totally need to make some for my girls. Great tutorial!
annie said…
These turned out really great. Much better than the potato print T's we made last Christmas. (Which my children won't even wear! Stinkers!)
Ashley said…
Thank you so much for linking up to Tell me tuesday

totally pinning this!! my husband will LOVE IT
Hi, I found you through the Someday Crafts linky party, and I'm your newest follower. I love this how-to, we just moved from Utah also, and no longer have BYU stuff all around us, this will come in handy! Would love a follow back if you get a chance!
KT said…
Ok, so howsabout you pick my families names for Christmas and then make these for my kiddos?!?!?! Good plan? Me thinks so. :)

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