Semi-Homemade Man in the Yellow Hat & Curious George Costumes

Last year I semi-homemade all our costumes. 

Today I want to share with you:

I decided I wanted to do Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George for my husband and my youngest son. We already had the monkey really that's why that decision was made.

I started my journey by first visiting the local Thrift Shop and grabbing these three items. 

You better believe when my husband saw those pants and hat he did not catch my vision. 

But I noticed in that thrift shop that if I poked my finger through the top of this hat, it would raise up and become pointed.  So I knew it would work great. 

So I started with the hat first. 

 The last thing I did was to add the black, felt band.

Next I made his simple yellow felt tie. 

The hat is done, the tie is done, I starched the living day lights out of the pants and shirt-- pair all this with a belt and some brown shoes= Man in the Yellow Hat.

Okay, on to this adorable curious monkey. 

At that same thrift store I bought a $2 red shirt.

Then I visited the internet to see exactly what the yellow Curious George writing looked like.

I grabbed an image and added it onto my own paper that I printed out, which had a really close font.  The 'C' and the 'G' were not correct, so I used the reference above to make it right. 

Then I placed the yellow felt onto my paper and copied the font (except the 'C' and 'G') and cut it all out.

I sewed this onto the red shirt and called it good. 

All done!  The boys looked so great together.


cvidano said…
Doing the same thing for a Halloween Party for my son's pre-school. Fun to find your creation. Great job.
Unknown said…
So loving this costume pair! I begged my husband to do this with our last baby and he refused. So glad your husband agreed. Darling costumes. Thanks for linking up to the Masquerade Ball!!
This is sooooo cute! I am featuring it on my blog today! I am still writing it, so check in a little bit...
Adam said…
Fantastic job.
Veronica said…
Where did you find monkey ears/cap? :)
stods03 said…
@Veronica I found the monkey costume on ebay. It's the brand "Charades". Got mine today for under $12!
Unknown said…
Do you sell the curious George one?

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