Super Easy Pregnant Lady Costume


Need a 2-minute costume for Halloween?

Well, you're in luck pregnant friend.

This past Friday we went to a Halloween Trunk or Treat party hosted at our Church.

I decided rather last minute I wanted to put minimal effort in and make myself a quick Halloween costume.  I knew I had to work with the big belly I'm rockin'-- so naturally I thought of ball-- which lead me to think of a black magic 8 ball.  So I sat down at my sewing table, grabbed some felt and kept cutting until I got what I was looking for.  Then I taped everything on my shirt with masking tape.

Simple, right?


KT said…
Way cute. You'd be so proud of me. I sewed - SEWED - Big Brothers Anakin costume. Well, it may not be "sewing" according to some peoples standards, but I thought of you the whole time. How are we related again?
Ha ha that is awesome! Very creative :)
Sara Hendricks said…
I love it! I had Coralyn 8 days before Halloween, but if I ever make it to Halloween again as a pregnant lady, I'll use this post.
This is too cute! And so simple! I'm featuring this on Wednesday and pinning!

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