Here come the Bats

Last week the boys and I did a super fun and easy project to add to our Halloween decor.  

I was trying to think of something that would be easy and look cool and I remembered this post I saw on Made two years ago.  (I have a good memory for these kinds of things.)

She tells you just what to do to add some simple bats to your home.

Here's what we did.

I printed this page from Country Living. 

Then I outlined my bat onto black construction paper that I had with a white crayon.

Then I passed them across the table for the boys to cut out. It was great scissor practice for both the boys, but especially the 3 year old.

After cutting out our black bats I decided it'd be fun to add scrapbook paper with different patterns on them.  That made for really cool looking bats. 

When we were done the boys helped me hang them up with a small roll of tape on the back of each bat. 

Then we ooh-ed and ahh-ed at our fun bats. 

The bats lead from our back door to our Spooky Halloween Chalkboard.

I got the idea for this poem here

Fun fact, we do actually have bats in our backyard. On one of our first weekends here we were outside enjoying some family time, eating cookies and drinking milk outside, when suddenly we noticed all these birds acting so crazy outside.  It was starting to get dark and they were flying like crazy guys going back and forth as quick as can be.  My husband quickly informed us all that those were actually bats.  And they were flying so crazy because they were eating insects and flying all around to catch them.  

After we cut out our bats the other day, the boys and I went outside to look for some real live bats, but there weren't bats hibernate? Is it starting to get real cold outside here at night.


annie said…
Love the bats and the cute new chalkboard.

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