Semi-Homemade Mary had a Little Lamb Costume

We already had this cute Lamby suit, so that's where my decision to become Mary came from. 

I sketched out an idea of what I thought Mary would wear (there's really no set costume).  

While at the thrift store I found this Hawaiian dress and this blue robe.  I liked the material that blue robe was made from because it was stretchy knit and I wouldn't have to have finished edges.

First thing I did to the white dress was just sew up the sides, since the XL dress was too big for me.  I pinned where I needed to take it in, cut off the extra, and sewed it back together.

For the blue robe, I just cut out the pieces for the top of the apron and bottom-- sewed them together (unfinished edges). I used the straps from the robe to tie around the back.  Lastly I sewed straps that went on the top of the apron and crisscrossed in the back. 

That was it!  Simple, semi-homemade costume. 


ibshell said…
How DARLING! As soon as I saw this picture on the Girl Creative linky party, I just had to stop by and see this!

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