Superhero Birthday Party!

Remember the Super Invites?

Well, here's a look at our....

After checking pinterest and other sources for ideas for a Superhero Party it is easy to get overwhelmed with the possibilities.  I think I was able to balance a fun, themed party, without going super crazy or spending much money.

Everyone did a great job coming dressed up as a superhero. 
After our Super Guests arrived they got to pick out a Super Mask

THEN it was on to our SUPER GAMES:

I made this Batman with crayons on the back of a poster board I had on hand. 
And notice his Batman Cape
I had planned on having our party outside but it was cold, Waaay too cold to be playing outside, so we had to move inside. 
And Bean Bag Toss Extreme was supposed to played with hoola-hoops outside on the grass with the point markers sticking in the grass....but since we moved inside it was played on carpet squared with our markers being held up with tape.

But it was still Really fun.  The super kids Loved it!
 ON to Super FOOD!

 This lucky boy really scored with lots of super fun gifts.

After presents we moved back outside and luckily it had warmed up.  We took our super kids out to try their skills on some low ropes course exercises.

After conquering Gravity...we played:

As a thank you, I made thank-you capes to add to suckers: 

Here's a couple printables if you're interested:
(Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8x11 page to get the proper size)
                                Bean-Bag Markers:                                             Super Food Labels:

                          Cupcake Toppers:                                                      Super Thank-Yous:


Awesome, no wait, SUPER-AWESOME!
annie said…
Looks super (ha ha)fun, wish I could have been there!
Unknown said…
This is SUPER haha...just noticed I wasn't the first to have fun with that! We have a superhero party coming next month..thanks for the tips!!!

I'm your newest follower!!!

Aimee@ ItsOverflowing
Welcome, Aimee. You'll have to let me know how your party goes!
Tenille said…
What a cute party. Goes great with those cute masks you made. I would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.
Jennifer said…
What an awesome party!! And looks like the birthday boy had a blast!
Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!
Big D and Me said…
What an awesome party - I love his super grover t-shirt, we love him around here - the ropes course and huge ball were amazing
Debbie said…
hi, loved your party interested in getting one of those balls do you have a link?

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