Fall in the City-- Part II

About two years ago I made a rather impromptu movie with my kiddos.  After visiting my husband's work one late afternoon we stopped off at a park that has a fantastic view of our city.  It has been one of my favorite videos.

This year I wanted to recreate this video, showing the beauty of fall and the growth of my family.

Most of the leaves had just been raked up that day, it was really overcast, and not quite sunset-- so that was a bummer.  But the kids had a great time none the less.


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annie said…
I can't actually see the video. Only lots of greeny sqiggly lines. The music is nice though.
Can't see it? That's strange.

Anyone else having this problem?

wait a minute....are you doing this on your i-pod again?
KT said…
I can see it.......it's super cute. Nice job. And I love the first song . . . sounds like Ireland. :)
Cheeky D said…
Cute idea. Your video is adorable. Videos are priceless when watching your kids grow. So fun! Happy Fall!
Jennifer said…
How fun!! I need to video more!
Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

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