Diary of a Lemon

Nine months ago my husband bought me the most Amazing gift.  

Here's a look its growth.
 I was thrilled that within two weeks of owning this lemon tree Blossoms were soon growing all over my tree.

For an entire month we had over a hundred blossoms that smelled amazing. I wrote to my sisters promising them glasses full of lemon aid.

 Luckily I had read not to deadhead my blossoms.

In place of the blossoms, slowly but surely little teeny lemons began to grow.

I had my doubts, but sure enough, those little green things were growing into lemons-- three to be exact, not exactly the hundreds as I had dreamed

I think growing up in a basement apartment has stunted my tree a bit.  We just can't get enough sunlight down here.
So, when summer time came we moved this growing lemon tree outside to bask in the sunlight.  It really thrived outside and had lots of new growth on top.

I waited until the very last day (right before it froze) before I had to move our tree back inside. 

Finally our lemons were ready to eat.  
I was so excited to whip them up into a lemon meringue pie for Thanksgiving.

It was Delicious and Amazing to be eating a lemon I grew.

Now that it's back inside we've purchased some "indoor grow lights"-- thought I'm not convinced they work.

May I just tell you I LOVE my lemon tree?

Best gift ever.


perhaps inside is better. birds ate ALL my lemon buds and its never recovered :( i hate birds. and your pie looks fantastic.
KT said…
I'm so jealous. Also, that first sentence sounds slightly like your husband gave you TO the amazing gift. :)

You can count on me to scrutinize your words. You can thank me later.
Wait...what? Oh...um, I sort of see what you mean...sort of.

Okay, I'll go rearrange my sentence.

I've been told I write in a very specific "Allie-way". J has been known to inform me that my sentences are worded so strangely.
Unknown said…
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Marilyn said…
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Unknown said…
Love this! Now I really, really want a lemon tree.

Thanks so much for sharing at Pin'Inspiration Thursday. :-) Would love for you to pop by and grab a button.

Happy new follower of your beautiful blog.

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