Fallin' for You.

I am admittedly not a Fall Girl--someone who thinks Fall is just totally amazing (you know who you are).  I am very much a Summer Girl. I think Summer is Completely amazing.  I love it thoroughly and somehow it never lasts long enough.

However, I'll admit....the Fall season is was growing on me.

It almost totally had me-- until it started snowing two days after these shots were taken.

Here's the Sweeties enjoying the Beautiful Weather while it lasted.

Can you see this amazing moon nestled deeply between these two trees?  So cozy.


Great pictures, awesome photographer!
Loving your blog. And I'm so glad you found us! Your kids are beautiful. Do you ever pull out your good ol' encore dress...you know..just for fun?

Ask the Duplex
Big D and Me said…
I'm with you - summer all the way - of course, in Texas, we get tons of summer

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