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October 2, 2014

The Bistro Dress

Liesl + Co has been releasing their fall patterns and they have been so fun.

There's a Cinema Dress, Culottes, a Bento Tee, and now a Bistro dress.

Ooh, I've been checking in every Thursday to see which pattern she'd be releasing.  
Well, today is finally the day!

I was a pattern tester and sewed up this dress used in her photo shoot.

And...I really love it!!

I'm not even exaggerating the fact that when I was done sewing up this dress, I went around the home all proud of myself, walking a little taller, explaining to my husband, quote, "That dress gave me SO much Sewing Confidence!"

I learned how to:

 1) Sew up a really beautiful dress that I would totally pay $100 or more for in a store.

2) Sew in darts, adding such beautiful lines that flatter the figure

3) Sew in a beautiful lining

 4) Put in an invisible zipper (to the dress and lining)

5) I added a collar, which I've never done before.

All of that adds up to a really beautiful dress -- which I can't wait to sew up again.

I'm thinking next time a lace overlay, over the lining.  Why not?  After all I have Sewing Confidence in ME!


Hilary and Eric said...

I am super impressed!

Beth said...

Love your dress. Can't wait for the lace version.

Katie said...

Seriously amazing, Allie- I could never do something like that!! I'll send ya my measurements! ;)

Lightning McStitch said...

This is a really lovely dress and your modelling of it is stunning! Well done.